Tier Quests

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Tier Quests

Tier Quests can be found in the @shop or @quest command, there you will find several crystals that can give you powerful items in exchange of hard work, money and golden coins.

Here are the lists of items you can get in each tier:

Tier 1:

Item Materials Price
19163.png Catharina Von Brad 60th 30.000z
20725.png Piamette Ribbon 30.000z
18894.png Rainbow Star 30.000z
18913.png Gossip Raven 30.000z
18787.png Goal Tender Mask 30.000z
19174.png Small Scouting Machine 30.000z
19114.png Sting Silk Ribbon 30.000z
19118.png Poring Sunglasses 30.000z
18666.png CD in Mouth 30.000z
18670.png Handkerchief In Mouth 30.000z
5978.png Toy Syringe 30.000z
5377.png Antique Pipe 30.000z
19137.png Strawberry In Mouth 30.000z
20799.png Elemental Towel 30.000z
15205.png Medical Scrubs 30.000z
20860.png Battle Surcoat 30.000z
20846.png Temporal Manteau 30.000z
28927.png King's Guard 30.000z
13460.png Sealed Magic Sword 30.000z
21012.png Magic Lead Sword 30.000z
28321.png Falconer Claw 30.000z
22016.png Assassins Shoes 30.000z
2481.png Rune Boots 30.000z
28575.png Verus Core 30.000z
2763.png Neo Skull Ring 30.000z
28596.png Toy Ring 30.000z
32206.png Prontera Militia Glove 30.000z
18985.png Falconer Flute 30.000z
28322.png Falconer Glove 30.000z
2881.png Orlean's Necklace 30.000z
2936.png Recovery Ring 30.000z
2979.png Tasty Strawberry Accessory 30.000z

Tier 2:

Item Materials Price
480044.png Scroll Stole [1] 200.000z
20854.png Medic Cape [1] 200.000z
2573.png Archangel Wings [1] 200.000z
28506.png Karma Wind Stone [1] 200.000z
22104.png Pororoca Shoes [0] 200.000z
28320.png Desperation of Assassin [1] 200.000z
22189.png Shoes of Pilgrim [0] 200.000z
28618.png Book of Sun God [4] 200.000z
22170.png Survival Shoes [0] 200.000z
2041.png Witch's Thunder Flame Wand [1] 200.000z
20940.png Violet Halo [1] 200.000z
22174.png Scaraba High Heels [1] 200.000z
22129.png Brave Shoes [1] 200.000z
32262.png Rasen Fuma's Orb [1] 200.000z
28533.png Chemical Glove [1] 200.000z
15189.png Einherjar Armor [1] 200.000z
28561.png Ring of Brave [1] 200.000z
28434.png Female Fighter's Glove [1] 200.000z
18600.png Cat Ear Beret [1] 200.000z
18939.png Black Cat Ear Beret [1] 200.000z
18652.png Vanargand Helm [1] 200.000z
19311.png Greater Dracul Horn [1] 200.000z
19329.png Demon's Hand [0] 200.000z
19023.png Queen Scaraba Crown [1] 200.000z
19167.png Horn of Demon Baphomet [1] 200.000z
28386.png Fallen Monk Rosary [1] 200.000z
28410.png Sapphire Wrist [1] 200.000z
22106.png Giant Boots [1] 200.000z
15169.png Kardui's Robe [1] 200.000z
18125.png Arcus Daemoniocus [2] 200.000z
20797.png Etran's Shirt [1] 200.000z
15175.png Flame Dragon Armor [1] 200.000z
28503.png Keraunos [1] 200.000z
15196.png Sea Dragon Armor [1] 200.000z
28717.png Valkyrie Knife [4] 200.000z
16051.png Valkyrie Hammer [4] 200.000z
5963.png Wing Headphone 200.000z
18813.png New Wave Sunglasses [0] 200.000z
19327.png Feather of Seraphim [0] 200.000z
19024.png Protect Feathers [0] 200.000z
19109.png Valhalla Idol [0] 200.000z
19246.png Royal Guard Necklace 200.000z
19112.png Tengu Scroll [0] 200.000z
5933.png Crow Tengu Mask [0] 200.000z
5985.png Noble Mask [0] 200.000z
18845.png Banshee Master Kiss 200.000z
18936.png Golden Fish In Mouth 200.000z
18823.png Imperial Feather 200.000z
19125.png Cylinder Hairband [1] 200.000z
18563.png Heart Wing Hairband 200.000z
18601.png Red Bread Hat [1] 200.000z
28901.png Cursed Mad Bunny [0] 200.000z
28902.png Mad Bunny [1] 200.000z
2189.png Mad Bunny [1] 200.000z
18853.png Tasty Strawberry Hat [1] 200.000z
19220.png Gigant Helm [1] 200.000z
5919.png Camellia Hair Pin [1] 200.000z
19029.png Alice Von Friesinger Hat 69 [1] 200.000z
5864.png Magical Booster [0] 200.000z
22120.png Judgment Shoes [0] 200.000z
28500.png Zealous Necklace [1] 200.000z

Tier 3:

Item Materials Price
19140.png Squirrel Hood [1] 100.000.000z
19380.png Floating Ball 100.000.000z
28485.png Jonin Belt [1] 100.000.000z
28379.png Shadow Ring [1] 100.000.000z
28492.png Thieves Recommendation Vol.1 [1] 100.000.000z
22134.png Enforcer Shoes 100.000.000z
28433.png Luminous Blue Light Stone [1] 100.000.000z
28507.png Magician's Glove [1] 100.000.000z
20922.png Leviathan Muffler [1] 100.000.000z
28394.png King of Spirit Ring [1] 100.000.000z
20800.png Enforce's Manteau [1] 100.000.000z
22207.png Imperial Boots 100.000.000z
28484.png Rebel Scarf [1] 100.000.000z
28430.png Ring of Archpriest [1] 100.000.000z
20955.png Christmas Guardian Tree [1] 100.000.000z
15209.png Drake Coat [1] 100.000.000z
28531.png Blacksmith's Gloves [1] 100.000.000z
13465.png Save The King [3] 100.000.000z
13470.png Burning Sword [3] 100.000.000z
13471.png Abyssal Sword [3] 100.000.000z
13472.png Purification Sword [3] 100.000.000z
22172.png Gray Wing Boots 100.000.000z
28014.png Ancient King's Twin Blade [3] 100.000.000z
28916.png Gaia Shield [1] 100.000.000z
32258.png Ring of Jupiter [1] 100.000.000z
28560.png YinYang Talisman [1] 100.000.000z
2589.png Fallen Angel Wings [1] 100.000.000z
28573.png Emerald Ring [1] 100.000.000z
28411.png Emerald Earring [1] 100.000.000z
28521.png Giant's Protection [1] 100.000.000z
28372.png Imperial Ring [1] 100.000.000z
28551.png Imperial Glove [1] 100.000.000z
20857.png Sniping Veil [1] 100.000.000z
28564.png Valkyrie Drop [1] 100.000.000z
20931.png Prism Ranger's Scarf 100.000.000z
28491.png Sword of Matagi [1] 100.000.000z
28438.png Fairy Leaf Powder [1] 100.000.000z
28513.png Celine's Brooch [1] 100.000.000z
20724.png Love Dad Wings 2012 [1] 100.000.000z
28598.png Powered Chip [1] 100.000.000z
28517.png King of the Abyss Ring [1] 100.000.000z
18933.png Mechanical Plant Hat [1] 100.000.000z
19156.png Lunar Rainbow [1] 100.000.000z
19020.png Circlet of Survival [1] 100.000.000z
19111.png Laser of Eagle [1] 100.000.000z
19274.png OpenAir Headset 100.000.000z
19381.png Protect Cloth 100.000.000z
19139.png Orbs of Survival 100.000.000z
19306.png Heart Card in Mouth 100.000.000z
19138.png Seraphim Coronet 100.000.000z
5966.png Kardui Ears 100.000.000z
19407.png Work Cap 100.000.000z
5918.png Gambler Seal 100.000.000z
15191.png Khalitzburg Knight Armor 100.000.000z
19426.png Spirit King's Crown 100.000.000z
5969.png Queen Anne's Revenge 100.000.000z
19116.png Red Baby Dragon 100.000.000z
19272.png Garden of Eden 100.000.000z
19249.png Spell Circuit 100.000.000z
19343.png Crown of Phoenix 100.000.000z
28941.png Excellion Shield [1] 100.000.000z
19296.png Fancy Feather Hat [1] 100.000.000z
15219.png Ghostring Suit [1] 100.000.000z
19308.png Amistr Beret [1] 100.000.000z

Tier 4:

Item Materials Price
19436.png Vesper Helmet [1] 200.000.000z
15173.png Mail of Spell [1] 200.000.000z
20818.png Manteau of Spell [1] 200.000.000z
22119.png Boots of Spell [1] 200.000.000z
28518.png Ring of Spell [1] 200.000.000z
32263.png Shield Ring [1] 200.000.000z
22203.png Space Shoes [1] 200.000.000z
20932.png Old Morocc Shawl [1] 200.000.000z
28915.png Bunker Shield 200.000.000z
15405.png Fafnir's Armor 200.000.000z
32242.png Old Detachments Ring 200.000.000z
15283.png Armor of Rosary 200.000.000z
28520.png Aegir Ring 200.000.000z
15352.png Dress of Great Nature 200.000.000z
15420.png Icefall Dress 200.000.000z
32007.png Dragon God Eater Spear [1] 200.000.000z
13473.png God's Sword [1] 200.000.000z
20859.png Phreeoni Wings [1] 200.000.000z
15204.png Abyss Dress 200.000.000z
28594.png Time Mage's Ring 200.000.000z
32204.png Immortal Dog Tag 200.000.000z
22143.png Y.S.F.0.1 Greaves [1] 200.000.000z
15213.png Y.S.F.0.1 Plate S [1] 200.000.000z
15213.png Y.S.F.0.1 Manteau [1] 200.000.000z
28910.png Rectangular Large Sleeve [1] 200.000.000z
19453.png Jejecap JP 200.000.000z
19106.png Magicstone of Grace [1] 200.000.000z
19445.png Injured Eyepatch 200.000.000z
28502.png Mob Scarf 200.000.000z

Tier 5:

Item Materials Price
20952.png Mysterious Muffler [1] 300.000.000z
19443.png Star Eyepatch 300.000.000z
21053.png Full Force [1] 300.000.000z
28565.png Perverse Demon Mask [1] 300.000.000z
15374.png Lunar Eclipse Armor [1] 300.000.000z
15137.png Tatenashi Armor [1] 300.000.000z
22071.png Applause Sandals [1] 300.000.000z
22132.png Lightning God's Shoes [1] 300.000.000z
22178.png Nameless Swordman's Boots [1] 300.000.000z
20852.png Necromancer's Manteau [1] 300.000.000z
450209.png Improved Powered Suit [1] 300.000.000z