Terra Gloria

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Terra Gloria
Base Level: 100
Quest(s) de Pré-requisito(s): Banquet for Heroes
Experiência Base: 11,250,000
Experiência de Job: 26,250,000
Item(s): 30 Schwartz's Honor Token

Search for Terra Gloria

Terra Gloria is a main quest line from update 16.2. You gain access to 2 news instances. You must complete the Banquet for Heroes main line quest before to starts this one.

  1. Go to Prontera Castle and talk to Spica Nerius in her room /navi prt_cas_q 17/139
  1. Head to your room /navi prt_cas_q 29/28, talk to Nyhill and wait for Spica Nerius.
  1. After she arrives, talk to her /navi prt_cas_q 23/36 to find out that Crux found the maid who gave a Royal family member drugs in their muka juice. Talk to Nyhill again and listen about that Crux chased the traitor chamberlain and followed him to Lighthalzen.
  2. Go see Crux in the Lighthalzen Airport /navi lhz_airport 189/39. He suspects that the culprit's name is most likely Bruno.
  3. Walk to the northern rear corner of the northern-most house, near /navi lighthalzen 184/292.
  4. Go to the slums and speak with Bruno again /navi lighthalzen 309/263.
  5. Head back to your room in the Prontera Castle /navi prt_cas_q 29/28 and talk to Nyhill.
  6. Travel to the Juno airport this time and meet Crux /navi y_airport 168/41. You'll go with him to Lighthalzen. (You must enter through the portal to activate the NPCs.)
  7. Go to the Lighthalzen Hotel /navi lhz_in02 239/145 and speak with Philofontes. You'll have to join the Rebellion Empire and defeat Luke.
    • Let us hear it.: Tess says the Secret Wing was not destroyed completely, but the Nerius family will help support them. The goal is to disable the Enterprise. The Rebellion will come to your aid by using their forces to inspect the facility. But the help has to be through you, and not the royal family.
  8. At the Einbroch train platform /navi einbroch 239/269 talk to the Unsual Person (Lazy), he's the agent of the Secret Wings.
  9. Lazy doesn't want to pay the 200z train fee, so follow him near the sewer instead einbroch 270/268.
  10. Go into the Very Small Hole.
  11. Speak with Lazy in Einbech /navi einbech 46/208. Follow him.
  12. Talk to Lazy and you'll find a body and decide to carry him along to the Rebellion camp.
  13. Follow Lazy until the entrance of Clana Nemieri and talk to him. (Walk around until he appears.)
  14. Speak with Lazy inside Clana Nemieri /navi rebel_in 21/45 and a cutscene will trigger.
  15. Walk accross the corridor and speak with Lazy again /navi rebel_in 85/61. Another cutscene (A BIG ONE) begins and the negotations as well.
  16. Go up the stairs to the left and talk to Elena Bolkova /navi rebel_in 70/71 . She doesn't want to let you pass and wants to fight you.
  17. Walk up the walkway and speak to Rebellion leader/navi rebel_in 122/71. He won't accept to cooperate with you, so you'll have to try to convince Dien.
  18. Enter the portal at /navi rebel_in 123/41 and a cutscene will trigger. You'll be warped into Dien's room.
  19. Approach Dien to trigger the next cutscene. They will need some time to think about your proposal.
  20. Dien chooses to help convince the others to cooperate.
  21. Speak with Commander Erst /navi rebel_in 209/84. She agrees with Dien.
  22. Go back to the Rebellion Leader and speak with him.
  23. Talk to Rebellion Guard leader who appeared next to him.
  24. Speak with Dien who just showed up.
  25. Speak with the Rebellion Leader and you will get 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  26. Talk to Lazy inside Clana Nemieri /navi rebel_in 86/61 and inform him about your success for the elders' cooperation. You'll get 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  27. Go to /navi rebel_in 126/41 to continue.
  28. Talk to Dien and Rebellion guard leader.
  29. Talk to Elena Bolkova /navi rebel_in 70/78.Challenge to a fight and talk to her again.
  30. Talk to Lazy /navi rebel_in 86/61.

You have unlocked all Terra Gloria Daily Quest

Heart Hunter War Base

Terra Gloria
Base Level: 100
Quest(s) de Pré-requisito(s): Search for Terra Gloria
Item(s): 10 Schwartz's Honor Token
  1. Talk to Rebellion Squadder /navi rebel_in 65/46, Tess comes up and wants you to come to the Einbroch Hotel.
  2. You'll be warped to Einbech. Go back to Einbroch and go to /navi ein_in01 274/243. Speak with Nyhill, Rookie and Nihil inside the hotel room.
  3. Walk near Julian /navi ein_fild04 274/341 at the head of the commandment to begin the instance.
    • You can talk to the Warper > Instance> Heart Hunter War Base
    • You'll need to make a party for the Heart Hunter War Base 1 instance.
  4. Once you're ready, speak with Striker Unit Commander to get warped inside the Heart Hunter base.

Inside War Base 1

  1. Walk near Julian on your right to trigger a cutscene.
  2. Defeat the first wave of Heart Hunters on your right. Once you're done, Julian will reappear near the barricades (if you walk too close to the barricade you'll lose HP, you can't die, but be careful!).
  3. Walk near Julian to trigger the next cutscene. You'll have to find explosives /navi 1@swat 58/89.
  4. A huge wave will spawn, kill them all.
  5. Give the explosives to Julian on the east side and it will destroy all the monster as well as create an opening.
  6. Keep walking on the right and you'll find Julian again. Walk near him to trigger another cutscene.
  7. Walking up north, you will find a Suspicious instrument. Push the button because you don't follow the rules, the rules follow you! /navi 1@swat 150/119
  8. More Heart Hunter Guards will spawn. Some Upgraded Heart Hunters as well. Defeat all of them to proceed.
  9. Walk to Julian after you have cleared the hunters who hate button pushers, and then continue East.
  10. Go back near the previous wall and defeat the intruders. A new Pile of Gunpowder will appear, click on it and pick up the items. /navi 1@swat 165/57
  11. Give Julian the gun powder and proceed east. Walk up to Julian and an announcement says they have taken over the Heart Hunter communication room.
  12. Walk to the right once more and go near Julian. A cutscene will trigger.
  13. Heart Hunter Ebel will appear, you do not have to kill her. Simply wait for the animation to finish and then watch the cutscene.
  14. Talk to Julian and take your reward 10 Schwartz's Honor Token. You have unlocked the Heart Hunter War Base daily instance.

Terra Gloria continued

  1. After exiting from the instance, speak to Rookie /navi ein_fild04 274/341 and say you're counting on him. Since you haven't found Terra Gloria yet, Rookie warps you to Heart Hunter War base.
  2. Go in the portal right up to you, to get inside the Werner Laboratory. Then walk towards Luke near /navi slabw01 236/91 and speak with him.

Werner Laboratory

  1. Speak with Eisen Werner at the entrance.
  2. Move forward and speak with him again at the end of the corridor.
  3. To both sides, there's a Security Device at the north end of the rooms. There will be a word in brackets. Choose the appropriate colored version in the dialog choice. (_____ is first choice, ______ is second choice).
Word Color

Red = 1st Option
Blue = 2nd Option

Purity Blue
Way Back Home Red
Loneliness Red
Contradiction Red
Rose Red
Eternity Blue
Sea Red
Joy Red
Twilight Red
Dawn Blue
Glow Red
Girl Red
Dream blue
  1. Return to the center and enter the portal.
  2. Speak with Eisen again and deal with the Security Device again. Enter the portal to go to the next area. (Same way of colours and words)
  3. Talk to Eisen again and you'll be teleported inside the core of the lab.
  4. In the Lab, talk to Eisen and watch the cutescene. The Heart of Ymir's energy goes into the magic circle on the ground and goes into experiment subjects, some of which have died. Seyren Windsor appears and mentions the In Vivo experiment. Eisen tells Seyren to escort me out . Seyren then grabs Eisen by the throat. Eisen explains that putting an imitation Ymir Heart caused the subject to divide like amoebas. They formed together to form Seyren.
  5. On your first time, you will be teleported outside of the instance. You will also get 1 Small Leather Bag and 1 Blessing Star.

Continue with Infiltrate Heart Hunter Base

  1. With the Blessing Star in hand, go back to the Hotel Room in Einbroch /navi ein_in01 274/243.
  2. Speak with Nyhill and listen to the story. You'll be teleported to Prontera. Go back to the Prontera Castle inside your room.
  3. Speak with Skia Nerius. You will be rewarded with 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  4. Talk to Philopontess /navi que_swat 145/57. You will get 10 Schwartz's Honor Token.
  5. Continued in next episode Illusion.