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Patrick NPC
  1. To access this instance, enter the building at @warp prt_monk 192 170 then proceed through the map until you find Priar Patrick NPC to start the Instance /navi monk_test 309,146.
  2. Alternatively you can go to warper npc - Instance - Sealed Shrine Instance option or just type @instance then follow the same route.
    Instance Portal
    Shrine Entrance
  3. After asking to enter, the Party must wait for the Instance to be created. The party will have 5 minutes to enter the dungeon, or else the dungeon will be destroyed. If the dungeon is destroyed, the party may request another one immediately. A party may leave the shrine, but they must return to the shrine in 5 minutes. The party will have 2 hours to finish the dungeon. After the Instance expires, the party leader and anyone that participated in the party will be unable to create a new instance for 23 hours. Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again using the shortcut Alt+B.
  4. Once inside, the party leader must talk to the Falling Grave NPC to begin the quest in the Shrine (141, 221). Snatch, Teleport/Fly Wings, Safety Wall and Assumptio are disabled in the dungeon. Assumptio Scrolls can be used, however.
  5. Talk to the Falling Graves. The correct one will give a 6003.png Pendant of Spirit . Only the Party Leader can obtain and return the pendant to the Falling Grave (141, 221).
  6. Return the 6003.png Pendant of Spirit to the first Falling Grave. The NPC will instruct you to meet him in the center of the Catacomb.
  7. Now talk to the Soul of Ancient Hero in the middle of the map. He will require one representative of the party (the party leader) to get 10 6001.png Essence of Fire . He will also instruct you to gather 6002.png Token of Apostle . Only the party leader and anyone who left the dungeon during the quest needs to have a Token of Apostle to progress to the next floor. You will have 1 hour to finish his task.
    • 6001.png Essence of Fire are obtained from Torches.
    • 6002.png Token of Apostle are obtained automatically by killing any monster named Apostle of Baphomet. These are tradable among party members, but only the party leader and anyone who left the dungeon during the course of the quest are required to have them in order to progress to the next floor.
    • If the party leader disconnects, respawns, or otherwise leaves the dungeon while collecting Essence of Fire, the Soul of Ancient Hero will no longer correctly recognize the party leader, and the quest cannot be continued.
  8. After returning with the items, Soul of Ancient Hero will open the portal to the second floor. The portal can be found at the lower right side of the floor.
  9. Once on the second floor, talk to The Main Altar to summon Great Demon Baphomet.
  10. The Soul of Ancient Hero will tell you of seals that will weaken Baphomet. He will instruct you to go to 5 seal locations on the map. The locations are: 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock, 10 o'clock and the middle (above The Main Altar). The light blue dots show the locations of the seals.
  11. Great Demon Baphomet must be brought INTO the seal and the seal must be activated to weaken Baphomet. Upon activating a seal, your Party has a few seconds to damage Baphomet. The Soul of Ancient Hero will tell your party which seal to activate next. The party member who activates a seal will be Stone Cursed for approximately 30 seconds. It is during this time that the other party members must attack and damage Baphomet. The party member who activates a seal cannot activate two seals in a row. Thus, a party must have a rotation for members who will activate seals.
Map Floor 1
Map Floor 2


Upon killing Great Demon Baphomet, one of the possible drop items is a Cursed Baphomet Doll, which is used to make the headgear, 5374.png Giant Magestic Goat from Genie NPC in @shop.

Monsters List

Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
1263.png Wind Ghost 80 4,008 Medium / Demon / Wind 3
1117.png Evil Druid 80 5,149 Large / Undead / Undead 4
1291.png Wraith Dead 86 10,035 Large / Undead / Undead 4
1509.png Lude 11,574 101 Small / Undead / Undead 4
1699.png Ancient Mimic 112 14,700 Large / Formless / Neutral 3
1132.png Khalitzburg 118 23,986 Large / Undead / Undead 1
1298.png Zombie Master 119 25,510 Medium / Undead / Undead 1
1869.png Flame Skull 121 21,276 Small / Demon / Ghost 3
1867.png Banshee 130 48,666 Medium / Demon / Dark 4
1290.png Skeleton General 139 180,130 Medium / Undead / Undead 1
1929.png Great Demon Baphomet 98 4,520,000 Large / Demon / Dark 3