Sarah and Fenrir

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Base Level: 170+
Starting Point: Warper at Prontera
Experience: Unknown (Base) and Unknown (Job)
Items: ?
Group of Red Galion

To start this instance, go to Prontera - Warper NPC 160 193 - Instances - Fenrir and Sarah or alternatively you can just type @instance and follow the same route.


  1. When you approach Fenrir, dialogue will automatically begin. The character who approached Fenrir will be unable to move for a short period.
  2. A group of red Galion monsters will appear and attack the frozen player. After the mob has been killed, Fenrir will resume talking, then warp the party just south.
  3. Ignore the normal monsters (Chimera, etc), as they drop nothing of value and are not required for the quest.
    • About 10 minutes after starting the instance, Sarah will begin attacking the player (in a deadly fashion). You'll want to reach the bottom of the map and trigger the next dialogue scene before this happens.
  4. Continue travel the map until you meet Fenrir and the middle-southmost part of the map. Dialogue will appear and she ask you to meet her in other side of the map before 5 minutes mark.
    • Whenever youre talking to Fenrir, the character will be unable to move, use commands, skills and attack so its recommended for party members to keep sticking together
    • There are 2 pathway of the story in this instance, first of all you can try to hunt Gigantes (there are total 6 throughout the map) for its 6803.png Shard of Gigantes , or you can go straight to Fenrir at the top left part of the map to proceed the instance.
    • Gigantes is quite a tanky mob so a mixture of physical and magical class is recommended in order to kill it quickly.
      One of Gigantes Spawn Point
      Middle Southmost Map
  5. After you talk to Fenrir a sequence of dialogue will occur and Sarah will appear, make sure the rest of party members is fully buffed as after the dialogue ends, 2 Gigantes will spawn and attacking.
    Sarah appears (Ain't she lovely..)
  6. When you killed the Gigantes, Sarah will continue to summon a group of Red Galion but you don't need to kill it, as Fenrir will teleport your party away from the current map.
  7. Continue right pathway until you trigger sequence of dialogue with Fenrir then continue to the middle of the map.
  8. After you enter the portal you will trigger another dialogue, continue upstairs to enter another portal after the dialogue end.
  9. You will be arriving in the top of Glast Heim castle where Sarah will confront you, she's quite a strong opponent if your party is not prepared and high attack speed class is recommended here since if you're not kill her fast enough she will automatically die but you wont get any drops or exp.
    • Sarah has 200 HP and will only take 1 damage from all source of attacks.
    • 2 Gigantes will also spawn with her and quite a troublesome, this is why a party is recommended.
  10. If you don't kill her in 50 seconds, she'll auto-die. You won't get exp or drops.
    Kill her quickly !
  11. After you killed Sarah, Fenrir will teleported you out of the map and trigger another sequence of dialogue. She will tell you to escape Glast Heim and meet to the place where you start this instance.
    • Your priority is to escape as the Gigantes you'll meet along the way won't drop any items or exp even if you killed it.
  12. When you sucessfully escape, talk to Fenrir she'll give you 1 607.png Yggdrasilberry

Item Rewards and Enchantment

After completing the instance for the first time, talk to Professor Bernhard (@warp dali02 97 142) to receive a reward. He will offer you a free accessory. You can choose between 28310.png Sarah's Left Earring and 28311.png Sarah's Right Earring .

Assistant Professor will offer to sell you a new 28310.png Sarah's Left Earring or 28311.png Sarah's Right Earring in exchange for 1 6803.png Shard of Gigantes .

You may instead enchant an earring (of the two types that can be purchased here) you have equipped. Enchantment will cost four (4) 6803.png Shard of Gigantes .

CRI and Critical Damage
Left Slot
% Chance Name Effect
20%? CRI Lv1 Critical Rate +2
20%? CRI Lv2 Critical Rate +4
20%? Fatal Lv1 Critical Rate +1, Critical Damage +2%
20%? Fatal Lv2 Critical Rate +2, Critical Damage +4%
20%? Item breaks!
Right Slot
% Chance Name Effect
10%? CRI Lv1 Critical Rate +2
10%? CRI Lv2 Critical Rate +4
10%? CRI Lv3 Critical Rate +6
10%? Fatal Lv1 Critical Rate +1, Critical Damage +2%
10%? Fatal Lv2 Critical Rate +2, Critical Damage +4%
10%? Fatal Lv3 Critical Rate +3, Critical Damage +6%
40%? Item breaks!
Expert Archer or Perfect Dodge
Left Slot
% Chance Name Effect
20%? Expert Archer Lv1 Ranged Damage +2%
20%? Expert Archer Lv2 Ranged Damage +4%
20%? Parrying Lv1 Perfect Dodge +3
20%? Parrying Lv2 Perfect Dodge +4
20%? Item breaks!
Right Slot
% Chance Name Effect
10%? Expert Archer Lv1 Ranged Damage +2%
10%? Expert Archer Lv2 Ranged Damage +4%
10%? Expert Archer Lv3 Ranged Damage +6%
10%? Parrying Lv1 Perfect Dodge +3
10%? Parrying Lv2 Perfect Dodge +4
10%? Parrying Lv3 Perfect Dodge +5
40%? Item breaks!
Conservation and MATK
Left Slot
% Chance Name Effect
20%? Economy Lv1 SP Cost of skills -2%
20%? Economy Lv2 SP Cost of skills -4%
20%? MATK Lv1 MATK +3%
20%? MATK Lv2 MATK +4%
20%? Item breaks!
Right Slot
% Chance Name Effect
10%? Economy Lv1 SP Cost of skills -2%
10%? Economy Lv2 SP Cost of skills -4%
10%? Economy Lv3 SP Cost of skills -6%
10%? MATK Lv1 MATK +3%
10%? MATK Lv2 MATK +4%
10%? MATK Lv3 MATK +5%
40%? Item breaks!
ASPD or After Skill Delay
Left Slot
% Chance Name Effect
20%? ASPD 1 ASPD + 4%
20%? ASPD 2 ASPD + 6%
20%? After Skill Delay Lv1 Global delay of skills -2%
20%? After Skill Delay Lv2 Global delay of skills -4%
20%? Item breaks!
Right Slot
% Chance Name Effect
10%? ASPD 1 ASPD + 4%
10%? ASPD 2 ASPD + 6%
10%? ASPD 3 ASPD + 8%
10%? After Skill Delay Lv1 Global delay of skills -2%
10%? After Skill Delay Lv2 Global delay of skills -4%
10%? After Skill Delay Lv3 Global delay of skills -6%
40%? Item breaks!


  1. You can enchant the Sarah's Battle Robe through Gargoyle/navi dali02 91/144
    • To enchant, bring the required amount of Shard of Gigantes.
    • 4th slot enchantments can be chosen but cannot be changed once you have already chosen the option.
    • The 3rd slot enchantments are random and follow the chance as per the table below.
    • To enchant the 4th slot, it will be necessary to refine +12 and for the 3rd slot to refine +14.
    • Refinement or cards will not be lost on enchant or reset of enchant.
  2. The chances of enchantment are always 100% of success.
  3. Enchant reset may occur when the 3rd and 4th enchant are completed.
Local Max HP Economy SP Spell Skill Delay ASPD Parrying Shard of Gigantes
Slot 4 4862.png HP +2% 4929.png SP +1% 4886.png PF 2 4807.png V. Atq +1 4869.png AA 1 4859.png Esqv +1 10
4867.png HP +3% 4945.png E 1 4887.png PF 3 4948.png AH 1 4872.png AA 2 4942.png EP +3
4868.png HP +4% 4946.png E 2 4888.png PF 4 4949.png AH 2 4873.png AA 3 4943.png EP +4
4900.png HP +5% 4947.png E 3 4889.png PF 5 4950.png AH 3 4881.png AA 4 4944.png EP +5
Slot 3 Special Enchant 10
Reset 10
Special Enchant
Enchant Chance
4831.png Spell 10 50%
29447.png Amplification 3 30%
4876.png Runaway Magic 20%

Monster Information & Notes

Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
3196.png Ancient Gigantes 160 12,063,464 Large / Demon / Dark 2
3195.png Large Gigantes 160 2,784,175 Large / Demon / Dark 2
3194.png Large Gigantes 160 2,482,000 Large / Demon / Dark 2
3193.png Ancient Medium Gigantes 160 1,126,300 Medium / Demon / Dark 2
3192.png Gigantes 160 9,870,000 Medium / Demon / Dark 2
3191.png Gigantes 160 6,653,400 Medium / Demon / Dark 2
3190.png Sarah Irene 160 200 Medium / Human / Neutral 1