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So... You have just landed on Rune-Midgard? Welll, no worries, this page will guide you through the hard path of getting stronger in RagnaRock server!

NOTE 1: We have awesome build videos and instances guides at our YouTube channel check it out:

NOTE 2:We also have a newbie guide video here:

Useful tips

  • Vote daily to collect VP(Vote Points).
    • Voting gives you 30 to 35 VPs.
    • You can spend your VPs at the Vp Machine NPC located in the centre of Prontera
    • Vote points can buy a lot of useful stuff but specially the Tier 1 VIP.
  • We have two tiers of VIPs, Tier 1 (Vote 1 VIP), and Tier 2 (Donation 1 day VIP and 30 days VIP) you can also type @vip command in-game for more information.
    • Tier 1 VIP can be bought in the VP Machine at Prontera's Centre.
    • Tier 2 VIP can be bought in the Cash Shop , gotten from Donate Event and by redeeming 500 vote points in the VP Machine.
  • We have a page for complete currencies available right here : Currency
    • Currencies are the many coins used in-game to trade items between players or used as a payment on vending store in @market , here are some popular examples:
  • There's also a newbie Zeny farming guide which you can check Zeny Farming


Here are some useful commands that will help you a lot:

  • @commands (Type this in-game to display all available commands in the server).
  • @go (This command will let you teleport to the center of big city in Rockragnarok)
  • @shop (This command will take you to the tier equipment quest and Golden Coin/PvE Medal shop area).
  • @autoloot(This command will auto pick up everything that a monster drops ["Example : @autoloot 50 will only let you autoloot item which has 50% below drop chance"]).
    • @alootid +<ID>(This command will autoloot only a specific ID ["Example: @alootid +7444" only loot the 7444 ID Item (Treasure Box)] to remove undesired looted list type @alooitd -<ID>).
    • @aloottype +<type name>(This command will autoloot only a specific type of item ["Example : @aloottype +0 will allow you to loot all item categorized as healing"] to remove the undesired looted list type @aloottype reset The list of item types are : 0=Healing, 2=Usable, 3=Etc, 4=Armor, 5=Weapon, 6=Cards, 7=Pet Egg, 8=Pet Armor, 10=Ammo)
  • @charinfo (This command will display all of you character info, give it a try!).
  • @wb(This command will teleport you to the World Boss).
    • @wbcont(This command will display how many mobs are needed to spawn the World Boss).
  • @instance (This command will display all available instances and let you generate/enter the said instance).
    • @instancesetting (This command will let you set the desired list of Instance to be displayed when typing @cd command)
    • @cd (This command will display all cooldowns of your instances, and when they will be available).
  • @market (This command will take you to the market where players can use Vending skill to sell items with desired currency, also where NPC sell class specific items like Arrow, Ammo, etc).
  • @warp (This command will teleport you to a specific location with X and Y coordinates ["Example : @warp prt_fild08 126 126"]).
  • @boards (This command will warp you to the quest boards in Eden Group).
  • @event (This command will display the events in the game and the remaining time on when they will happen. Most event you can access by going to Celestia by typing @go 42).
  • @whosell (#itemid) (Use this command in @market to show you the location of player's Vending store selling the specified item)
  • @config (Use this command to set default setting of @autoloot and any other base configuration for each character when you're entered the game)

Kafra System

Here our Kafra has all sorts of services here a list of some of them:

  • Storage
  • UI Refinement System (You can refer here for more information)
  • Status and Skills Reset (You can save Status and Skills build profiles here)
  • Platinum Skills
  • Card Remover (Cost you 1 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Star Crumb and 200.000 zeny each attempts, it has 100% so don't worry about breaking the items or losing the cards)
  • Exchange Mineral (Convert bulk Rough Elunium/Oridecons to Elunium/Oridecons at once)
  • Coin Exchangers (Convert 100 milion zeny to 1 Million Coin item which you can trade or sell between players in @market)
  • Identify Items (Will cost you 10.000 zeny per items identified)

And more!

Newbie Gifts

Your character have been gifted with the Freebie Reward and Newbie Box. As you progress in the game you will open more boxes. And yes, they are one inside the other, just like thoose russian dolls.

Here we have the contents of all Gift Boxes:

Gift Box Contents
Newbie Box
  • Advanced box
  • Shadow Set
  • 5x Noblesse Coin
  • 5x Imperial Coin
  • 5x Grace Coin
  • 20x Ticket Set Coin
  • 3x Headgear Coin
Advanced Box
  • 1x Special Weapon
Freebie Box
  • 1x Costume Wings of happiness
  • 1x 15 days Ticket VIP
  • 1x Costume Sailor colalr
  • 30x Old Pudding
  • 1x Costume Marine cap
  • 500x Light White Potion
  • 10x Token of siegfried
  • 110x PVM Medal
  • 40x Silverine fruit
  • 20x Medium life potion
  • 5x Safe to 7 Armor Certificate
  • 5x Safe to 7 Weapon Certificate
  • 1x Costume Box
  • 350x Golden coin
  • 2x +9 Weapon Refine Ticket
  • 2x +9 Armor Refine Ticket
  • 1x Incubus egg

NOTE: Noblesse, Imperial and Grace Coins can be spent at @shop NPC called Equipments Base


Useful places for newbies to go:

NOTE1: We have awesome build videos and intances guides at our YouTube channel check it out:

NOTE2:We also have a newbie guide video here:

NOTE3:Check out new fast instance farming method in Instance Fast Mode and the equipment shop in Instance Shop