New World Access Quest

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This is a pre=requisite quest to acess the content implemented in Episode 13. It's a small and quick quest, but completly necessary to mostly of end-game content.

Cat Hand Service

  1. Go to the Eden Group Headquarters and then talk with the Cat Hand agent /navi moc_para01 42/20, who is situated near the desk on the first floor (ground floor).
    • Choose "Why don't you collect it yourself?", and then "I'll help the merchants".
  2. Pay the one-time fee of 50,000 zeny, and he will then teleport you to the quarantined area of the Sograt Desert.
  3. Walk east and then talk with the cat /navi moc_fild20 368/197.
    • Choose "Let's do this!", and he will then teleport you to the Dimensional Gorge.
  4. Walk north and then talk with the Cat Hand agent.
    • Choose "To the other world!", and he will then teleport you to the New World.


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