Morse Cave

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Morse Cave
Base Level: 160

Note: All monsters in this instance are neutral elemental and boss protocol, except the Morroc Necromancer which is Earth 4.

  1. To start this instance, go to Prontera - Warper NPC 160 193 - Instances - Morse's Cave or alternatively you can just type @instance and follow the same route.
  2. In the first room, you need to kill all 9 ghouls, then Reaper Yanku will appear and talk.
  3. In the second room, you will fight Weakened Satan Morroc (this one is very easy, only sports 1.7m HP and no threat).
  4. After the talk, your party will be split into two teams (The split may not be equal. For example if you have 4 members, the party might be split 3-1) and be moved to 2 versions of the third room. Each team will be trapped in ice wall (using Back Slide, Front Slide, Dark Illusion or Warg Strike will let you out of the ice wall) while a swarm of mobs will attack. Each team should kill certain amount of mobs to proceed. Make sure both teams are able to finish the task, since if one team fails, the whole party will fail and be moved to Prontera. A class which have at least 1 ranged skill is advisable.
  5. In the fourth room, your party will be reunited again, and still trapped in ice wall. The situation is similar to third room. Swarm of mobs and need to kill certain amount to complete.
  6. In the fifth room, a Morroc Necromancer will appear, He is still on astral mode sporting 4m HP. After you kill it, the Morroc Necromancer will transform into his true form. This form has 80m HP and is stationary. He casts skills like Jack Frost and Meteor Storm. While killing him, a swarm of mobs will appear.
  7. Once his HP reach 3m, he will speak "you can never kill me". At this rate, you need to kill him within 30 seconds. Else, he will restore his HP back to 3m and the 30 seconds to kill period restarted. So, it is important if the party can do more than 100k damage per second to clear this instance.
  8. Once he dies, he will drop 2 Prizes of Hero. Then a dimensional device will appear and move you to the fire cave. Talk to Senior Tracker again to get a Token of Hero and start the cooldown timer.

Token of Hero

Token of Hero can be used for Hero Ring Enchants.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
3005.png Morroc's Verit 158 442,860 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
3004.png Morroc's Wraith 158 100,000 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
3003.png Morroc's Archer Skeleton 158 295,240 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
3002.png Morroc's Osiris 158 442,860 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
3001.png Morroc's Ghoul 158 295,240 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
2999.png Morocc Necromancer 153 4,000,000 Medium / Human / Neutral 3
3000.png Morroc Necromancer 101 80,000,000 Medium / Human / Earth 4