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Welcome to Rockragnarok Wiki


Rockragnarok is a Renewal Server that is very up to date with official mechanics. We also add in some official jRO equipment for an even better variety of gears. The mix of official equipment will open up a lot of possibilities for a lot of Meme Character Builds! Our servers has been up for years and are very stable! Also, we have two servers! See below:

Custom Server Features

Miner Profession System Hunting Missions
Mine Crystals and forge Ores! Do daily hunts to get all sort of useful item!
MVP League Holy Garden
Monthy rewards for your total MVP hunted Eliminate random MVP and get Golden Coins
Player Commands Fishing
List of available player commands AFK farming
Bloody Endless Tower Golden Coins
Not your normal Endless Tower! How to get and where to use Golden Coins
Instance Mode World Boss
Increase your Loot and XP by increasing the difficulty. Party with all server to fight a mighty Boss Monster.

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