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Instances or Memorial Dungeon are a mid/end-game content of Renewal Ragnarok. Can only be accessed once a party triggers the creation of the instance map. There are two kind of instance: Solo Instance, you must create a single-person party. And Party Instance, you can run it solo or with a team until 12 members.

  • NOTE 1: Our server has the Instance Mode feature, that allows you to increase the difficulty of the Instance and also making them more rewardable in getting tokens for buying stuff in Instance Shop.
  • NOTE 2: Our server has the Instance Fast Mode feature, that allows you to maximize even more you income of Instance coins to spend in the Instance Shop.

Some skills are disable inside the instances:

Disabled Skills
26.png Teleport 5073.png Convenio 87.png Ice Wall 2294.png Masquerade- Ignorance 219.png Snatch
732.png Fatal Menace 2299.png Manhole 405.png Spider Web 2300.png Dimensional Door 675.png Exile
2453.png Extreme Vaccum

You can access all the instances by the Warper Agent/navi prontera 165/196 - Instances.

Warper instance.jpg

Sage's Legacy

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Hey-sweetie.png Hey Sweety! Sweety is looking to fight you! Defeat her and farm some Cores! 130+ 23 Hours
Water-Garden.png Water Garden Travel to the Water garden full of monsters, and defeat the Great Papila! 130+ 23 Hours
HiddenFG.png Hidden Flower Garden The security robot Lambda wants to test you! Will you survive? 130+ 23 Hours


Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Edda.png Biotechnology Research Institute The story of the six main experiments that happened in this place 170+ 23 Hours
Illuvamp 1.png Illusion Dungeons Explore all illusion dungeons ! - -
Cormis1.png Cor Mission Capture Elyumina and Defeat EL1-A17T ! 110 23 Hours
OSmis1.png OS Mission Investigate Heart Hunter Base and Defeat Miguel ! 110 23 Hours

Terra Gloria

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Hh1.png Heart Hunter War Base Look for the Crown of Terra Gloria and face the heart hunts enemies. 100+ 23 Hours
Cutie1.png Werner's Laboratory Find the hidden laboratory on Heart Hunter Base. 100+ 23 Hours

Banquet for Heroes

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Instanceb.png Room of Consciousness Help Sarah and Fenrir to defeat the monster Bijou who stole the Heart of Ymir. 100+ 23 Hours
Stephan2.png Sky Fortress Defeat Stephane Jack Earnest Wolf the leader of prontera invasion and your vassals. 145+ 23 Hours

The Decisive Battle

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Jitter.png Nightmarish Jitterbug Music can be wonderful, but even played by demons? 120+ 23 Hours
Reaper2.png Bios Island Walk through the island and kill the Reaper Yanku. 160+ 23 Hours
Morrocservant.png Morse Cave Be aware of the divisions that the Morroc Necromancercan cause to your team and defeat him. 160+ 23 Hours
Demongod.png Temple Of The Demon God Defeat Satan Morroc and interrupt his reign. 160+ 23 Hours


Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Charles2.png Charleston Crisis Help the Charleston to repair some issues about Charleston 3. 130+ 23 Hours
Centrallabinstance.png Central Laboratory Watch the experimente that gone wrong on the Verus Past. 140+ 23 Hours

Memory Record

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
TWO.png Last Room You found a hidden passageway look for some information about that location. 140+ 23 Hours

General Instances

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Endlesstower.png Endless Tower Fight multiple MPV's under a tower to face the fearsome Naght Seiger. 50+ 7 Days
Horrortoy.png Horror Toy Factory The toy factory has been cursed find Celine Kimi and stop the curse. 140+ 23 Hours
Ogh.png Old Glast Heim Look for the mysterious time gap and learn about the destruction of Glast Heim. 130+ 23 Hours
FGH1.png Fall of Glast Heim Go help Oscar investigate the Fall of Glast Heim and defeat Cursed King Schmidt !. 130+ 23 Hours / 3 days
GHC1.png Glast Heim Challenger Go help Oscar investigate the Old Glast Heim and get a chance to defeat Himmelmez Phantom !. 170+ 23 Hours / 3 days
Infinitespace.png Infinite Space Explore the ruins and close the rift beneath Pharos Lighthouse. 100+ 23 Hours
Sealedshrine (1).png Sealed Shrine Perform the ritual and fight the Great Demon Baphomet. 75+ 23 Hours
Wolchev2.png Wolfchev's Laboratory Confront the wrongs experiments from Bio Labs. 150+ 72 Hours
Than1.png Thanatos Tower Thanatos tower revamped! Fight your way to face Memory of Thanatos! 200+ 24 Hours
Constellsplash.png Constellation Tower Endless Tower revamped! Fight your way to Betelgeuse! 240+ 3 days


Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Malangdocul.png Malangdo Culvert Exterminate the infestation on the malangdo culvert. 140+ 23 Hours
Octopuscave.png Octopus Cave Help the Starfish to kill the Giant Octopus. 60+ 23 Hours

Port Malaya

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Bangungot.png Bangungot Hospital Enter the abandoned hospital and clear the Bangungot mess. 100+ 23 Hours
Bakonawa.png Bakonawa Lake Fight against the Devourer of the Moon, the Great Bakonawa. 140+ 23 Hours
Buwaya2.png Buwaya Cave Look for the treasure and kill the monster Buwaya.. 130+ 23 Hours

New World

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Hazyforest2.png Hazy Forest Walk through the maze and help the Guardian of Yggdrasil. 95+ 2 Hours and 30 Minutes
Nidd.png Nidhoggur's Nest Now, it's your chance to defeat the Nidhoggur Shadow. 70+ 3 days

Heroes' Trails

Image Dungeon Description LvL Req. Cooldown
Faceworm.png Faceworm's Nest Go back in time and face the faceworms. 140+ 23 Hours
Sarahmemories.png Sara's Memory Watch Sarah's past and help her to undestand it. 99+ 23 Hours
Ghostpalace8.png Ghost Palace Experience Sakrai's tragic tale and get some gray shards. 120+ 23 Hours
Deviltower.png Devil's Tower Help Loki to stop the ritual of the Evil Believer. 130+ 23 Hours
Gmt2.png Geffen Magic Tournament Fight on a Tournament for Glory and fame. 99+ 23 Hours
Airship.png Airship Assault Defend the Airship from Arcana The Witch and help Ferlock and Chaos. 99+ 23 Hours
Sarahvsfenrir.png Sarah and Fenrir Fight alongside Fenrir and defeat the Valkyrie Sarah. 145+ 23 Hours
MidnightDY.png Geffen Night Arena Fight with party on a Night Version of Geffen Tournament which is harder and more challenging. 210+ Reset every 01:00 Server Time
Crash.png Airship Crash Investigate the Crash Site of capt Ferlock Airship! 215+ Reset every 01:00 Server Time
SplashSakray.png Tomb Of Remorse The stories continue! Defeat Sakrai in the realm of the Undead! 220+ 23 Hours