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In Rockragnarok you can buy so many endgame special equipments in the Instance Shop using 6544.png Instance Coin .

The equipments being sell in shop is always updated regularly so keep checking and stay tuned!

Where is the Instance Shop?

You can find the Instance Shop by talking to Helena Tristan the Instance Warrior NPC in @shop

She's staying on the top left part of the room.

Instance 1.png

How to get Instance Coins?

You can get 6544.png Instance Coin by accepting Mission from Helena Tristan before doing the said Instance.

Talk to Helena Tristan then choose Missions Instance Coins.

Instance 2.png

The mission is to finish the Instance up until defeating the final boss, then the coins will be added automatically.

Keep in mind that the points gained is varies depends on the Instance selected and the difficulty, refer to Instance Mode for the list of coins gained.

Instance Coins Gained in Chatbox
You can check how many Coins you have by checking the Instance Shop in NPC

6544.png Instance Coin can be traded among players here and you can also keep track of unfinished mission by using @itier command in-game.

For you who donate or have some Cash Points available, you can also buy Instance Coins from the same NPC for 20 Cash Points each (20 Cash Points = 1 6544.png Instance Coin ).