Gloves of Attributes

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Guide to get the Stat Gloves!/ Guia para conseguir as Stat Gloves!


All glove acessories can be obtained from two NPCs near ecl_in01 65,96

The cost of each glove costs 10 Splendide Coin, which can be bought in the VP machine at Prontera

To slot them you can spend 5 Splendide Coin


Todos os acessórios podem ser obtidos através de dois NPCs em ecl_in01 65,96

O custo de cada luva é de 10 Splendide Coin, que podem ser compradas na VP Machine em Prontera

Para Slotar as Luvas voce pode gastar 5 Splendide Coin

Glove Type Effect
STR Max HP +100, +20 Max SP. ATK +1 for every 10 base str, ATK +1% if you have 110+ base str.
AGI Max HP +100, +20 Max SP. Flee +1 for every 10 base agi, PDodge +1 if you have 110+ base agi.
VIT Max HP +100, +20 Max SP. +50 Max HP for every 10 base vit, "Max HP +1" (probably +1%) if you have 110+ base vit.
INT Max HP +100, +20 Max SP. MATK +1 for every 10 base int, MATK +1% if you have 110+ base int.
DEX Max HP +100, +20 Max SP. Hit +1 for every 10 base dex, Ranged Attack Damage +1% if you have 110+ base dex.
LUK Max HP +100, +20 Max SP. Crit +1 for every 10 base luk, Crit Damage +1% if you have 110+ base luk.