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Common Starter Questions

How do i play this game

  • Firstly go visit Rockragnarok Official Website then follow the link to register yourself using email in one of the two Server available
    (Be Advised that you have to ALWAYS remember the email you registered on and never tell or share your account / email to anyone
  • Secondly go get the game client / executable from the download page, if you never play Ragnarok before, make sure to download the Full Client. You can choose the direct download or by Torrent application.
  • Thirdly patch the game by opening the Rockragnarok.exe and just wait until the loading finish so you can login with your registered account.
  • Enjoy Rockragnarok!

Which server should i choose?

We have two Server available to choose in Rockragnarok. If you like to play with a fast paced character development and items farming, we recommend choosing Edda Server. But if you prefer a server with a relaxing pace and loves to grind your way up, Jormungand Server will suits you well.

In Game Questions

What is the max Level and available class in this server?

You can check the corresponding server information in here for Jormungand and here for Edda

How do i level fast?

In the game, we already have a warper NPC which has option that automatically warp you to suitable leveling spot according to your level. You can find that NPC in any big town in game.

It has hot air balloon icon on it !

How do i change class?

You can go to Prontera city and find the Job Changer NPC on the middle of the map.

Change Class Here

Can i job change into 3rd Class without rebirth?

While doing a rebirth is basically a redo process, its strongly advised that you always do it if you want to change into 3rd Class, since you will gain a lot of benefit such as extra MaxHP, MaxSP, stat points and exclusive rebirth classes skills. Also with the new update, rebirth process becomes a prerequisites for changing to 4th Class. As shown in the illustration below, a Red Path is a non-rebirth 3rd class transformation process while the Green Path is the rebirth 3rd class until 4th class transformation process.

  • Main Class Tree
Click to Enlarge
  • Extended Class Tree
Click to Enlarge

How do i delete my character?

  • For some reason you want to delete one of the character in your account, you just need to go on your character select screen, put the cursor on the character you want to delete and click Delete Reservation button on the right.
  • Then you just gonna have to wait 24 hours then you can finally delete it permanently by entering your account's registered email. Example :

But i still got a lot of questions, where can i find answer?

Mostly Ragnarok Wikipedia throughout the internet will be your friend, but here we also have a very helpful community which you can find on Discord : Here.
Ask away!