Fishing System

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Fishing System

Ragnarock's fishing sytem offers a place where you can spend your time idle/AFK and gain golden coin or costumes in return.

  1. To begin fishing, you need a Small Fishing Rod and some Bait. This can be bought at NPC FISHERMAN at Celestia <@warp celestia 77 110
  2. Optional: You can also buy Fisher's Muffler, Fisher's Boots and Lure to fish more efficiently. These equipment decreases the fishing casting time by 1 second each. They can also be refined by increments of 5 to further decrease the fishing casting time.

  3. Once your fishing gear are equipped, click on Fishing Hole behind the FISHERMAN NPC to begin fishing.
  4. Exchange your fish for fishing points using FISHERMAN NPC.
  5. Use your Fishing points to buy the item/costume you want in the Fish Shop.

Fish Shop

Here are the list of items you can exchange for fishing points.

Shop Item Comment
Golden Coin Currency which can be used to purchase consumables, used in @shop equipment quests, and more!
Costume Poring Soap Pipe Can be exchanged with Costume Enchantment Box 11 in Malangdo.
Costume Angelring Hat  
Costume Sting Hat  
Costume Flying Galapago Can be exchanged with Costume Enchantment Box 8 in Malangdo.
Costume Cheering Whistle  
Costume Happy Lunatic Hanging Ear  
Costume Golden Savage Hat  
Costume Savage Babe Hat  
Costume Kindegarten Hat  
Costume Baron's Evil Eye