Episode 17.1 - Illusion

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*note: you will need to have completed 16.1 - Banquet of Heroes Quest and 16.2 Terra Gloria Quests to start the 17.1 illusion quests. Not to be Mistaken with Illusion Dungeons.

This is the continuation of our adventures with some of the Royal Family members, the Rebellion Guild and more! New dungeons to explore, stronger foes to face. Lots more Weapons and Equipment for all sorts of jobs and builds

Lets get started!

Rudus Investigation

  1. Go to your room inside Prontera Castle.
  2. Speak with Nyhill /navi prt_cas_q 21/39, he will tell you some info about the situation with the royal family.
  3. Go to Einbeinch, /navi einbech 215/80 , Talk to the Rebellion Member just outside the portal. He will tell you some info about the Rebellion guild etc.
  4. Go to Einbroch and head to the pub Cat on Bullet, /navi einbroch 300/325 and go inside.
  5. Speak with Philofontes (Tess) /navi pub_cat 93/105, He is located around upper right corner of the map. He tells you that they found an entrance to the abandoned waste of Rudus.
  6. Go to Einbroch Field 05/navi ein_fild05 149/286 , talk to the rebellion crew member and he will let you inside the waste of Rudus.
  7. Once inside the new map, talk to Elena Bolkova /navi sp_rudus 184/360. She will tell you to investigate further. Move further south and look for Rookie /navi sp_rudus 193/284. Access to daily quest >Morning.
  8. Speak with Rookie and he will mark your map with 3 areas to investigate.
  9. Locations are (sp_rudus 307/272) speak with rebellion crew, (sp_rudus 125/291) speak with rebellion crew, (sp_rudus 31/306) investigate tiny hole.
  10. Once you checked all of the points of interest, go back to Rookie and he will tell you he figured out how to open it. He will ask you to Hunt Dolor, Venenum, Twin Caput 10 ea.
  11. When kill count is completed, go back to Elena Bolkova /navi sp_rudus 184/360. She will reward you with 15 Cor Cores and some experience.
  12. First Quest out of 6 main Quests finished. You unlocked > Securing Regenschirm. You unlocked > Morning daily quest.

Securing Regenschirm

  1. Go back to Einbroch, Cat on Bullet Pub /navi einbroch 300/325. Report to Philophantes, he tells you that you move to the back room.
  2. Talk to the retired rebellion on your right. He will let you enter the Back room.
  3. Speak with Philophantes again, he tells you abour Regenschirm and the Heart hunters.
  4. Speak wtih Middle-aged Man, He introduced himself as Kaya Toss, Vice president of Rekenber. Philofontes and Kaya Toss will tell you to investigate further in Rekenber Headquarters.
  5. Go to Lighthalzen, and head to the Rekenber's Headquarters (located: upper left corner of the map). Head further upper left of the map /navi lighthalzen 53/270and you will find a Republic Guard there.
  6. Talk to Republic Guard and prepare to recapture the laboratory.
  7. Talk to Rekenber Guard Oscar to generate Regenschirm instance (Must have a Party) and enter.
    1. Talk to Ashey, she will move you inside. Eliminate All Heart Hunter.
    2. Move to the Cafeteria (upper left side of the room) and there will be a door with Access Controller. Click it Ashley will tell you to ask the researchers to open it for you.
    3. Talk to the researcher to open the door. You will be warped to another hallway.
    4. Head north and eliminate All enemy Deadly Poison Gas. There will be an announcement from Erst and the doors on the left will be open.
    5. Talk to Erst /navi 1@rgsr 36/211, she will give you an access code 0315.
    6. Use the code on the Access Controller and a call from Ashley will pop up.
    7. Head out of the conference room. Move towards the right. You have to eliminate all of the Heart hunters and Deadly Poison Gas.
    8. Once the are all eliminated, all the other rooms will be accessible /navi 1@rgsr 241/50.
    9. Search for 3 Detained researchers. Head to the Lower Right corner of the map. /navi 1@rgsr 211/136 and keep going south each time you finished talking to the Detained Researcher.
    10. Ashley will be in the 4th room in the bottom most part. She will explain some info and check out the Scattered Documents and take them.
    11. She tells you to head to the Central Room.
    12. Head to the center of the map /navi 1@rgsr 128/153. Talk to Ashley and the others will pop out.
    13. Talk to Ashley again to enter the Central Room.
    14. Walk up north and talk to the Restrained Specimen.
    15. To release the Restrained Specimen you have to do a couple of steps.
      • Top right control device > Choose Blue Button.
      • Bottom left control device > Choose Red Button.
      • Bottom right control device > Choose White Button.
      • Top left control device > Choose Yellow Button
    16. The Restrained Specimen will be released and you have to eliminate it.
    17. Talk to Ashley south of the room. She will ask you to go back to either Einbench or Lighthalzen. Choose Einbench
  8. Speak with Philofontes inside the Cat on Bullet Pub /navi pub_cat 93/105. You will get 25 Unknown Parts and Experience. If you took the scattered documents, you can talk to Philofontes again for some extra experience.
  9. 2nd quest out of 6 Main Quest finished. You have unlocked Investigating Rekenber.

Investigating Rekenber

  1. Head over to the room just below where Philofontes is. You will find Lazy there talking with the others (arguing).
  2. Keep talking to Lazy /navi pub_cat 106/69 and Kaya Toss back and forth until they come to an agreement.
  3. Go to Einroch Airport /navi einbroch 42/208 and speak to Lazy. Kaya and Ashley will appear more conversation happening. You will be warped to lighthalzen after they agree on what to do.
  4. Go to Lighthalzen /navi lighthalzen 255/215 and talk to Lazy. After more talking (arguing). Lazy will move you to Lighthalzen Slums to check Patrick Kaufman's house.
  5. Head north and find Lazy /navi lighthalzen 335/264. Speak with Lazy and more dialog will continue. After asking questions about Pat, Lazy will move you out of the slums.
  6. Head to Rekenber's Headquarters /navi lighthalzen 105/163 and talk to Lazy. After talking to the other missing persons fiance. Head north inside the Headquarters.
  7. Go inside the Rekenber's Headquarters and talk to the staff.
  8. Walk up to the 2nd floor, on the east side and go to /navi lhz_in01 161/254 Speak with another staff member.
  9. After finding out a little bit more about Pat and the other missing people. Head out of the head quarters and move to the west side of the building.
  10. Enter the Regenschirm Lab (lighthalzen 53/272).
  11. Speak with the Laboratory Staff at the right side.
  12. Head down south west of the room and talk to another Staff about Patrick Kaufman.
  13. Go outside of the lab and haed back to Rekenber Headquarters Office.
  14. Talk to the Secretary near the office (hz_in01 80/210). He tells you to check the documents storage rooms.
  15. Talk to the Staff at (lhz_in01 32/264). You decide to visit Section 95-146, District 01, in the Einbroch Mountains with Kaya Toss.
  16. Go to Einbroch field 01 (ein_fild01 95/146) and Kaya will be waiting there for you. After Kaya realized that he was tricked by someone from the shadows. He has agreed to cooperate Lazy and the rest
  17. Kaya will reward you with 20 Cor Core and experience.
  18. 3rd quest of 6 Main Quest finished. You have unlocked Old Memories Quest.

Old Memories

  1. Go to Einbroch, Cat in Bullet pub /navi pub_cat 93/105 and talk to Philofontes to report and he will tell you to head to einbroch field 03 and meet with the Rebellions.
  2. Go to Einbroch Field 03 /navi ein_fild03 278/269 and talk to the disguised rebel crew in the bush. He asks you to investigate further.
  3. Check ein_fild03 347/219, ein_fild03 268/207, ein_fild03 218/266 and then head back to the rebel crew and talk to him.
  4. Talk to him again /navi ein_fild03 278/269 when you are ready Initialize the instance. Talk to him again to enter.
    1. Talk to Ridsh and eliminate the 2 monsters that have spawned.
    2. A Suspicious Device will appear on the bottom right. Click on it and select Crush it to proceed.
    3. Head north-ish along the train rails until you find the Gate entrance.
    4. Remove all 3 Thick Wires to by clicking on them.
    5. Continue following the train tracks.
    6. Walk to the next portal to trigger a short dialogue. Dien will tell you to walk to the right to get back onto the railroad without destroying the door.
    7. Keep moving to the top right section and you'll meet with Ridsh . Talk to her. After her dialogue the portal will disappear and you can continue.
    8. Walk towards the top right. Follow the railway again until you meet with Dien. Eliminate all mobs that shows up
    9. Speak with Dien and you will get 23 Unknown Parts and some Experience.
  5. Go to Einbench Rebel Headquarters /navi einbech 215/79 . Speak with Rebellion Crew /navi rebel_in 68/4
  6. Enter Dien's room /navi rebel_in 160/84 and open the Ornament Box on the desk. Select Just take it. You'll get a Dien's Precious Envelope.
  7. Go back to Einbroch Field 03 ~ OS /navi ein_fild03 278/269 enter the portal /navi sp_os 253/359. Hand over the picture and you'll be rewarded with some experience.
  8. 4th quest of 6 Main Quest finished. You have unlocked > Mercenary vs Mercenary Daily quest > OS Mission quest > You gain access to Cor Area.

Helping the Workers

  1. Speak with the Advanced Team near the entrance of Cor (sp_cor 168/81). The workers think you've invaded the area and do not want you here
  2. Talk to Kaya to let him give his speech. The workers aren't convinced he's really the Vice President of Rekenber.
  3. Speak with Tess and see if he can perhaps convince them. Elyumina will make an appearance and attack the workers. Some of them are injured and need assistance.
  4. Speak with Tess at the safe place (sp_cor 122/141).
  5. Speak with Ashley nearby. She tells you many of the workers are very sick. You will be rewarded with some experience.
  6. 5th quest of 6 Main Quest finished. You can continue the quest with Capturing Elyumina. You unlocked > Finding Patrick quest.

Capturing Elyumina

  1. Speak with the Rebellion at /navi sp_cor 108/130. Elena Bolkova will appear next to you.
  2. Speak with Elena Bolkova. Elyumina is causing more trouble.
  3. Meet with Elena Bolkova to the next area to prepare for the operation, near /navi sp_cor 180/169.
  4. While in a party, speak with Elena Bolkova and choose Create Cor Operation to create the instance. Talk with her again to enter.
    1. Speak with Elena Bolkova at the entrance.
    2. Investigate the Box device on the right /navi 1@cor 220/170.
    3. Kill the mobs that spawned and then talk to the Rebellion next to the Box.
    4. Investigate the next Box device north of you /navi 1@cor 222/236.
    5. Kill the mobs that spawned and then talk to the Rebellion next to the Box.
    6. The next area will be marked on your minimap /navi 1@cor 172/223.
    7. Talk to Elena Bolkova and choose Give signal.
    8. Enter the portal on the left to start the fight.
    9. Kill EL1-A17T. In the story version, the mob is very easy and has low HP.
    10. Elena will appear, talk with her and end the operation.
  5. Talk with her again outside of the instance. She will reward you with 1  Broken Weapon, 5  Cor Cores and some experience.
  6. Speak with Gonie at the Barrack /navi sp_cor 136/210. Lucky said he will do the interrogation.
  7. Talk to Rookie. You learn about how to enter Varmundt's Mansion.
  8. Go the specified coordinates /navi sp_cor 255/285 and speak with Lucky. You will be rewarded with some experience.
  9. You have completed the Illusion Episode Main Quest. You unlocked > Cor Mission instance daily quest.You unlocked > Helping Farm Worker daily quest.You unlocked > Illusion Equipments and Enchants with Elyumina.

Continued in next episode Sage's Legacy.

Finding Patrick

  1. Speak with Kaya inside Cor at /navi sp_cor 136/146. He wants you to continue the investigation of Patrick Kaufman. Accept his request.
  2. Speak with a Worker nearby /navi sp_cor 132/144.
  3. Go to the farm area and speak with the Researcher over there /navi sp_cor 224/77.
  4. Go to the laundry area and speak with a Worker /navi sp_cor 151/180.
  5. Go to the incinerator and speak with another Worker /navi sp_cor 70/263. He says there is another disposal site at Rudus.
  6. Go back to Rudus, the entrance is at /navi ein_fild05 156/288.
  7. Investigate the Suspicious Evidence at /navi sp_rudus 227/351. You're hearing voices nearby.
  8. Go over to yellow dot indicated in your man. all the way to the left /navi sp_rudus 15/280. Speak with the Discarded Person. You will be rewarded with some experience.
  9. The Discarded Person tells you to look for an Identification Bracelet in the garbage. Areas will be marked in your map. Investigate 4 locations out of 5.
    • Suspicious Evidence - /navi sp_rudus 236/46
    • Suspicious Evidence - /navi sp_rudus 55/137
    • Suspicious Evidence - /navi sp_rudus 332/235
    • Suspicious Evidence - /navi sp_rudus 364/134
    • Suspicious Evidence - /navi sp_rudus 221/165
  10. After you find Patrick Kaufman's Identification Bracelet, report back to Kaya inside Cor at /navi sp_cor 136/146.
  11. You will be rewarded with 20  Cor Cores and experience. You unlocked > Retrieving Identification Bracelets daily quest.

OS Mission

  1. Speak with Erst at (sp_cor 163/56). If you do not see her, walk near her location to make her appear.
  2. While in a party, speak with her again and choose Generate OS Mission. Then one more time to enter the instance.
  3. Once inside, the briefing will start. Wait for the cut-scene a little. Do not leave the area, as the poison clouds will kill you if you walk on them.
  4. You'll be asked to give your status report to the communication device, it will be flashing blue. Speak to it and select any option.
  5. You'll be asked again after another cut-scene, and select any option again.
  6. After the strike, talk to the device to get the navi for the next location (1@os_a 52/177).
  7. Talk to the other device and let the small cut-scene happen.
  8. Follow the navi lines by moving north. You'll have to kill some mobs.
  9. Once the mobs are killed, walk near the blue light at (1@os_a 84/256).
  10. Repeat the same thing, and then go to (1@os_a 163/266).
  11. And... again, then go to (1@os_a 138/174).
  12. Eliminate Miguel on the right side.
  13. Speak with Erst. You will get 1  Broken Weapon, 5  Cor Cores and experience. You unlocked > OS Mission instance daily quest.

Daily Quests

Morning Quest

  1. Prerequisites: Rudus Investigation Quest, up to step 6.
  2. Speak with Morning in Waste of Rudus,(sp_rudus 130/200) He's the kid in the middle of the map with a barcode on his forehead. Talk to him and choose Find a meal for Morning followed by I'll bring it.
  3. You'll be asked to bring 10 items at random, from one of the list below:
    • 10  Jellopies
    • 10  Tree Roots
    • 10  Grasshopper's Legs
    • 10  Clovers
    • 10  Feather of Birds
    • 10  Rat Tails
    • 10  Venom Canines
    • 10  Yoyo Tails
    • 10  Tooth of Bats
    • 10  Bear's Footskins
  4. Return to him once you've completed your mission and he will reward you with 5  Unknown Parts, 1  Cor Core and experience.

Mercenary vs Mercenary

  1. Prerequisites: Old Memeories.
  2. Speak with Yuslan (sp_cor 155/94) and accept his request.
  3. You'll be asked to hunt down the following monsters (these are found in the OS Special Area, right outside of Cor)
    • 15 Heart Hunter Sanares
    • 15 Heart Hunter Bellares
  4. Return to him once you've completed your mission and he will reward you with 5  Unknown Parts, 1  Cor Core and experience.

Retrieving Identification Bracelets

  1. Prerequisite: Finding Patrick
  2. Speak with Ashley (sp_cor 135/147) and accept her request.
  3. You'll be asked to hunt down 20 Dolors and collect 10  Identification Bracelets (drops from Dolors as a quest-granted item).
  4. Return to her once you've completed your mission and she will reward you with 5  Unknown Parts, 1  Cor Core and experience.

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