Devil's Tower

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Base Level: 100+
Starting Point: dali02 135, 112
Experience: 450,000 (Base) 450,000 (Job)
Items: Evil Slayer Weapon

Note1: You cannot reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.

Note2: All monsters in this instance are either Demon race and shadow elemental.


An evil lord is preparing to resurrect Satan Morroc! You and the Assassin's Guild must race against time to stop him. In this instance you must defeat Evil Shadows and the Evil Believer alongside Loki. In exchange you may obtain Evil Slayer weaponry with various enchantments.

ATTENTION: -Wear Holy-element weapons/ammo, or have an Arch Bishop use Aspersio on the damage dealers. -Wear Stone Curse-resisting gears (e.g. Evil Druid carded Armor, Medusa carded Shield), or be sure to have Lauda Agnus Lv 4, Blessing Lv 10, or Clementia Lv 3 to remove Stone Curse.


To start this quest, go to Warper Agent /navi prontera 165/196 > Instance > Devil's Tower.

1. The party leader should speak to Historian Shep in Dimensional Gorge /navi dali02 135/118 then Magic Scholar Artie to start the quest. Click the Dimensional Device /navi dali02 141/119 next to them to enter the instance.

2. Once inside, the party leader should talk with Rune Knight Officer Heim /navi 1@tnm1 56/110 until Healer Fama /navi 1@tnm1 47/119 appears on the left side of the room.

3. Talk to Healer Fama to receive a Cure Box, then talk to one of the Injured Soldiers on the side room /navi 1@tnm1 29/114 to use the Cure Box to heal them. One Cure Box can only be used to heal one Injured Soldier, so talk to Healer Fama again to receive another Cure Box. There are seven (7) Injured Soldiers in total. Party members can also talk to Healer Fama to receive a Cure Box and heal other Injured Soldiers.


4. After all Injured Soldiers are healed, Talk to Assassin Lucile /navi 1@tnm1 46/115, then to Assassin Dewey /navi 1@tnm1 70/108 to progress. Assassin Dewey will give everyone Evil Shadow hunting quests.

5. Defeat all the Evil Shadows that spawn in the passageway, then talk to Assassin Dewey at the end to be warped to the next room.

6. Talk to Lucille on the center, you will need to activate a machine. A cast bar will appear above your head and it is really long. While you're at it, mob of evil shadow will attack and intterupt your cast time. Make sure to kill all of them. Then do activate the machine again. Once done, talk to Huey to move to next room.

There are more Evil Shadows in this room, and the timer will reset if the party leader is hit while still talking to Lucille. You do not have to clear the room, just make sure the party leader isn't being hit.

7. Approach the center of the map and talk to Assassin Lucille. Five (5) Magic Seals will appear on the five edges of the map. Your objective is to eliminate all Magic Seals before they reach the center of the map.


The magic seals will summon evil shadows and will slowly move to the center. Strong DPS and good coordination of party members are a key of success here. Once one of them defeated, the "There are still magic seals to destroy" message will appear. Once all of them defeated, talk to Lucille and she will move you to the next room.

8. You will be warped into a room infested with more Evil Shadows. Eliminate them all, then talk to the Young Girl to open a portal to the next room. Make your way downstairs and eliminate the Evil Shadows.

9. You will arrive in a large room. Make your way to the center and talk to Loki. He will join your party as a Mercenary that will follow the party leader's command.

10. Use CTRL + R to open the Mercenary Info window and see Loki's skills. Put Loki's skill Mind Blaster on your hotkeys and use it on the Evil Believer before you begin attacking it.

It might be best to put Loki in Standby Mode (CTRL + T) while you fight the Evil Believer. If you let Loki die at this stage, your party will fail the instance.

11. After defeating Evil Believer, talk to Loki to receive your rewards. The Evil Slayer weapon you receive will be randomized, and their upgrade level and enchants get better the faster you finish the instance.

12. Talk to Loki again to leave the instance. Once you're back in the Dimensional Crack.

13. Talk to Historian Shep and Magic Scholar Artie to turn in your Evil Shadow hunting quests and receive EXP rewards.

14. Talk to her again after 23 hours to repeat this instance.


These weapons come pre-upgraded and pre-enchanted, but the rewards is random after you finish the instance.

Name Type Description
Evil Slayer Destroyer Hammer (1) Mace ATK +10% against Demon/Undead monsters.

If upgraded to +9, ATK +5%.

If upgraded to +12, ATK +7%.

Evil Slayer Piercer Bow (1) Bow
Evil Slayer Ripper Katar (1) Katar
Evil Slayer Slasher Sword (1) Two Handed Sword
Evil Slayer Stabber Dagger (1) Dagger
Evil Slayer Vanquisher Staff (1) Staff MATK +155.

ATK/MATK +10% against Demon/Undead monsters.

If upgraded to +9, MATK +5%.

If upgraded to +12, MATK +7%.

List of Enchants

Name Levels Description
Fighting Spirit

4811.png Fighting Spirit Lv1
4810.png Fighting Spirit Lv2
4809.png Fighting Spirit Lv3
4808.png Fighting Spirit Lv4
4820.png Fighting Spirit Lv5
4821.png Fighting Spirit Lv6
4822.png Fighting Spirit Lv7


4815.png Spell Lv1
4814.png Spell Lv2
4813.png Spell Lv3
4812.png Spell Lv4

- Decrease Cast Time by %

4791.png DEF +3
4792.png DEF +6


4786.png MDEF +2
4786.png MDEF +3



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