Constellation Tower

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This new instance is a replacement or a revamped version of Endless Tower, as the story goes Oscar found a new threat in the new Constellation Tower thus removing the old one. You mainly do this instance to craft the Nebula Armors and collect materials for its enchantments. To access this instance, go to /navi alberta 214/77 or @warp alberta 214 77, talk to the NPC and pay 10.000 z to access the instance map. On the map, prepare the party and then talk to Oscar to generate and enter the Instance. Keep in mind that inside the instance all player commands will be disabled, so make sure you stock and gear up all what you need before entering.


The monster on each floor composition is more or less the same as the one you face from old Endless Tower instance, only it wont be having normal item drops table and the monster spawn will be randomized each floor, including a normal boss every 5th floors. Keep in mind also that all the monster inside this instance will be stronger than it normally was.

Final Boss

Unlike the old Endless Tower in the Constellation Tower you can end your instance by either fighting final boss in the 25th floor or finish the whole tower by fighting final boss in the 50th or 75th floor. Keep in mind that each final boss drops unique material which you can't find on both of them.

Easy Final Boss (25th Floor)

You can talk to finish your run when you clicked the portal in 25th by choosing 2nd option. Then you will be warp to the next room, keep walking forward and talk to the gate npc and next npc to fight Naght Sieger.

Thorny Skeleton

Hard Final Boss (50th or 70th Floor)

When you finished 50th or 70th floor, you will arrive in the final room to fight the final boss : Betelgeuse. Keep walking forward and talk to the gate npc to fight the boss. You can also beforehand, changes the difficulty of boss fight randomly by talking to nearby fountain. By paying 20 Meteorite Powder, you can randomly roll the boss stats to make it harder or easier thus affecting the final reward after you defeat the boss. Be caution that the boss fight is quite tricky, learn it as you fight. Keep in mind that in 70th floor you can get the highest difficulty of the boss, so be caution if your party is not prepared.

Dead Soul


Inside the instance, all monster have a random chance of dropping 1000372.png Meteorite Powder . And after defeating final bosses, you will gain some amount of 1000373.png Meteorite Fragment and 1000372.png Meteorite Powder . And after you defeat Betelgeuse, some amount of treasure chests will spawn depending on the boss difficulties which will randomly drops following items :

Those above materials are used in creating Nebula Equipment and its enchantment.