Bios Island

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Base Level: 140+
Starting Point: moro_cav 48, 59
Experience: Unknown (Base) and Unknown (Job)


Bios Island is a great way to farm 607.png Yggdrasil Berry  and Gemstones , so we recommend you to type @alootid +id before going in

1. Talk to the 'Warper NPC in Prontera and select Bios Island.

2. Talk to the Yellow Seed and generate the Instance.

Yellow Seed moro cav.png

3. Enter the Dungeon.

4. Walk right until you trigger a dialogue between Vrid and Zeith.

5. After the dialogue you will have to roam around the maze killing mobs to spawn the portal to the next area, make sure to check all corners!

6. Once all mobs are dead the portal will spawn to the right.

7. At phase 2 you will have to eliminate all monsters again to spawn the portal to the next area. Go to the portal and prepare for the Boss!

8. Once in the last room, go to the center and a dialogue will happen between Vrid, Zeirh and Ankou.

9. Ankou will spawn 3 waves of monsters at you, Orc Zombies, Verits and Megalodons, after killing them all, Ankou will spawn in the center of the room.

10. Defeat Ankou and another dialogue between Vrid and Zeith will take place, Talk to Vrid to exit the dungeon. He will give you a 6684.png Heroic Token .


1. The higher the difficulty higher is the reward, therefore more loot and final reward, BEWARE THE DIFFICULTY PENALTIES!

2. Helpful alootids:

607.png Yggdrasil Berry : @alootid +607

715.png Yellow Gemstone : @alootid +715

716.png Red Gemstone : @alootid +716

717.png Blue Gemstone : @alotid +717