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[ADM] Loki

Halloween Event 2023

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This Halloween the occultists appeared in Niflheim. They are trying to summon the great Orcus into our world. Help stop these witch and prevent the presence of Orcus, or it will all be over...

Who is Orcus?

Orcus (Latin:  Orcus), in Roman mythology, was the god of the underworld, punisher of those who broke oaths. As in Greek mythology with Hades, the god's name was also used for the underworld itself.

New World Boss (Halloween)
Name: Great Orcus
Level: 300
Race/Element: Demon/Neutral lv1
HP: 500,000,000 ~ 2,000,000,000 (Tier 01 ~ Tier 04)
Difficulty: Hard
Mechanics: Area Skills, HP Recovery Crystal, Monster Respawn
Rewards: Divine Orbs, Halloween Token, chance to get special costumes and stuff.
Activation: It has a 6-hour reactivation delay. It can be reactivated by eliminating the occultists who are in Niflheim. The entry will be @wb.


Special Costumes Drop

Players will have a chance to obtain some special Costumes by drop from occultists in Niflheim during the event.
Drop chance will be low.

screenRock Beta208.jpgscreenRock Beta209.jpgscreenRock Beta210.jpg

Halloween Freebies

Talk to NPC Katarine Moon (prontera,169,177) and receive a free Costume to wear during the halloween period!

screenRock Beta211.jpg

Halloween Token Exchange

The Halloween Token can be obtained every time the Orcus is eliminated. Every player in the arena can collect their Token.
Once you get the token you can exchange it for Special Costumes at NPC Katarine Moon (prontera,169,177).

screenRock Beta212.jpgscreenRockBeta047.jpgUntitled 1.png2022-10-18 (3).png

Players will also have a low chance of getting these Costumes Demonic in the WB Treasure Box when eliminated.

The Themed Toy Fantasy

Added a new toy to the Halloween Shop for 10 tokens. This version lasts for 7 days. The definitive version remains active through achievements.

2022-10-18 (2).png2022-10-18 (3).png

This is an infinite and ultimate consumable. When consumed, the player can transform into Dracula. During the transformation the player will not be able to use skill on the character.

Although this achievement is added during the halloween event, it will not be removed at the end of the event. It will be kept in the achievement without forecast to be removed, so it can be completed in the long term.

Cash Shop Thematic Temporary Costumes

New Halloween themed Costumes will appear during the event period. Remembering that these costumes may only appear 1x a year, so enjoy!

Event period from 09/29/23 to 11/03/23.

We wish you a great Halloween!

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