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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 09/15/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
Skeleton Manteau of Berserker – (Generic Berserker Build) Tier 05 -
* This item may contain variations in effects between official servers and may have been adapted to RockMMO.

- Added this week new attendande dailie reward with new costume.

- Updated download links for new Setup on discord and website. (Players who already have the autopatcher updated will not need to download it again.)

- Added support for enchanting the new effect costume stone (Costume Void Dragon Stone) at NPC (Gregio Grumani) in malangdo,144,137.

- Added new Shadow Bosses:
* Evil Snake Lord and Dracula.
* New unique collectible costumes added with a chance to drop on these shadow bosses:
*Costume Anti-glare Glasses [S21] ID 1000000661 (Mid Costume)
*Costume Companion Bats [S22] ID 1000000662 (Low Costume)

- Updated the Bombring event to a new solo mode option, if there is only one player participating in the event.

- Improved refining event NPC (Ruz Bigfury) by optimizing the shop access menu and adding a new separate guide menu.

- Fixed BUG in kafra that could equip mounts without active skill requirements.

- Fixed BUG with the skill (Soul of Heaven and Earth) that was not applying the bonuses correctly.

- Fixed BUG with the combo item (Injured Patch + LK card) the berserk status check bonus was not working correctly.

- Fixed possible BUG in the Glast Heim Challenger instance that could generate a map server crash.

- Fixed BUG with the combo item (Ifrit Card+ Goddess of Abundance) that was not generating the autospell correctly.


- Added Refine and Gift Donate event until 09/22/23.


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