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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 09/08/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
Harvest Festival – ( Generic Build ) Tier 02 -
* This item may contain effect variations between official servers and may have been adapted for RockMMO.

- Added new Special Enchant for item (Harvest Festival on NPC Billu II. (Access through @shop > Special Enchanter.)
Harvest Festival [1]
First Enchantment
(4th slot) Str+7, Agi+7, Vit+7, Int+7, Dex+7, Luk+7, Player resistance 3
second enchantment
(3rd slot) Str+7, Agi+7, Vit+7, Int+7, Dex+7, Luk+7, Goddess of Harvest (311073), Perfect Hit +25%
3rd enchantment
(Second slot) Str+7, Agi+7, Vit+7, Int+7, Dex+7, Luk+7, Skill delay -15%, Casting time -15%, No knockback, Supreme King, Hawk Eye , Runaway magic

- Added new Costume Super Novice Stones in @wb on NPC Supreme Stones. Garment Upper Middle Lower

- Added support for new Costume Super Novice Stone on enchant costume NPCs in malangdo.

- Added new Shadow Bosses:
* Phreeoni and Incantation Samurai.
* New unique collectible costumes added with a chance to drop on these shadow bosses:
*Costume Phreeoni Hat [S19] ID 1000000659 (Top Costume)
*Hell Knight Sword Costume [S20] ID 1000000660 (Mid Costume)

- Added new alternative ways to obtain the item (Time Overload Power ID 1000620) it can now be obtained by VP at the NPC VP Machine or at the Cash Shop, in addition to the traditional instance drop.

- Updated Mini DS event, now skills are temporarily disabled between rounds at round break. This will prevent skills from previous rounds from pre-killing monsters,

- Applied update on Awakening Shard drop in WB.
As previously announced in some past patch notes, from 08/09/23 the World Boss will no longer drop the item (Awakening Shard ID 1000000417) and this will be exclusive to the Shadow Boss system. ( Notice link: )

- Fixed BUG with pet Ainz that caused crash in some speech performance situations.

- Fixed BUG with Temporal Boots LT enchant that removed the card when evolving enchant.

- Fixed BUG with the item (Musou Dagger) that was not reducing received reflect.

- Fixed BUG with the skill (Advanced Trap) that was not correctly increasing the duration of traps.

- Fixed BUG with the Costume Orc Hero Helm that was crooked in the front view.

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