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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 05/19/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
White Squirrel Ear Hood Hat – ( Cardinal Build ) Tier 05 -
* This item may contain effect variations between official servers and may have been adapted for RockMMO.

- Restructuring of the Anti-Macro system:
* Now it will no longer be allowed to use command, item or any action when activated, this will avoid several problems and failures in the captcha verification.
* Small change in the descriptive menu.
* Removed visual and hide effects when activated, to avoid possible bugs.
* Fixed jail system to be incremental and more efficient, now the player when taken to jail will have incremental time and not just 10 days, working as an alert before the longest time.
* The player will be able to follow the remaining jail time in the NPC Prison Guard in real time.
* Captcha response time remains 30 seconds. In case of 5 failures you will receive jail.
* The system will be intelligent and will check the number of hits and misses. Encouraging players who hit the captcha in a row.
* Fixed a possible bug that showed an error in the typed captcha even when hitting or closing the chat with no option to type the correct captcha.

- Updated the NPCs (Special Eq. Researcher and Weapon Researcher) in the item reform area with the module box reform system. We have separated the menus by (Reform Module Box and Old Reform Mode), new equipment and weapons can now be reformed. Access to @shop by NPC (Special Enchanter).

- Added new 16 Weapons and Reform system. These weapons must be upgraded using the module reform system at the Weapon Researcher NPC:
* AC-B44-OSAD [2] -
* Beam Claymore-OSAD [2] -
* Blasti-OSAD [2] -
* Boost Lance-OSAD[2] -
* Burning Knuckle-OSAD [2] -
* Cannon Rapier-OSAD [2] -
* Circuit Board-OSAD [2] -
* Electric Fox-OSAD [2] -
* HR-55-OSAD [2] -
* Kuroiro-OSAD [2] -
* Meuchler-OSAD [2] -
* MH-P89-OSAD [2] -
* Rutilus Stick-OSAD [2] -
* Saphir Mace-OSAD [2] -
* Ultio-OSAD[2] -
* Virtual Bow-OSAD [2] -

- Added new 7 LT equipment in the Reform system. These weapons must be upgraded using the module reform system in the NPC Special Eq. Researcher:
* Sagittarius Celestial Coronet-LT [1] -
* Scorpio Celestial Coronet-LT [1] -
* Great Magician's Ceremonial Crown-LT [1] -
* Stripe Hat-LT [1] -
* Phantom Cap-LT [1] -
* Ignis Cap-LT [1] -
* Red Clock Casquette-LT [1] -

- Updated instance Airship Crash:
* Item drop chance (Ymir Fragment) has been increased by 10x its previous value.
* Now the final Boss will have a chance to drop the item (Contaminated Card Book) and it will no longer only be obtained by exchange.

- Fixed BUG with boss Ankou disturbing the warp in iffast in some situations when eliminated.

- Fixed BUG with the item (Costume: Asgard Bless 19742) item position and description being incorrect.


- Added XP/DROP +30% event until 05/26/23.

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