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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 05/12/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
Dimension Linkage Stone – ( Meister Build ) Tier 05 -
* This item may contain effect variations between official servers and may have been adapted for RockMMO.

- Optimization in VIP system:
* Players will now be able to view the VIP icons, signaling the remaining VIP time when the VIP time is ending, less than 15 days.
* The system will always give priority to the highest level VIP, for example, if the player has 1 day of VIP Vote and 2 days of VIP Silver, the VIP Silver will be contacted first, when finished, the VIP Vote count will be entered.
* The system will show different icons for each different type of VIP.
* If the VIP runs out, the item will be automatically removed from the character.

- Added Special Enchant for the item (Regeneration Shoes[1] 470083). Access by NPC Special Enchanter at @shop. NPC who received the enchant item (Bob).
Regeneration Shoes[1] 470083
1st enchantment
Can't interfere with casting, Fixed casting time -50%, High level, Burn, Gale, Flood, Clay, Grudge, Woor, Venom, Desperia, Sacred Red
second enchantment
Player resistance 1, player resistance 2, player resistance 3, player resistance 4, player resistance 5, player resistance 6, player resistance 7, player resistance 8, player resistance 9, player resistance 10, burn , Gale, Flood, Clay, Grudge, Woor, Venom, Desperia, Sacred Red
3rd enchantment
Glow of the great eagle, power of the bear, rampant magic
- Updated @preview command for pet premium:
* Players will now be able to preview the premium pet. Added an extra menu option for Pet Preview. The pet ID will be written in the description of the egg pet premium, when typing the player see how the premium pet will be through the NPC Preview Oz of Prontera.

- Added new LT item (Asteria's Boots LT ID 470205) on NPC (Special Eq. Researcher) accessed via @shop by NPC (Special Enchanter -> Reform).
LT Version:
(Item released exclusively in TWRO and may contain variations in Rock MMO.)
Normal Version:
Astrea Shoes Recipe ID 100249 (Drop Amon Ra, Fenrir (GNA), Sarah 0.3%).
LT conversion materials:
Armor_Stone_1/2 = 150, Valhalla_Flower = 30, Muscovite = 100, Ymir_Heart_P_TW = 2

- Fixed BUG in the instance (Baggot Laboratory) that could generate some failures at certain times in the instance.

- Fixed BUG in instance (Farm of the Forgotten Time) that could generate error when opening Wooden Box.

- Fixed BUG with the skill EARTHQUAKE when it was used by the boss King Schmidt and it didn't work correctly.

- Fixed BUG with cards (Cave Flower Card and One-Eye Dollocaris Card) that should increase ghost damage and not fire.

- Corrected position BUG for costumes (C Demi Freyja Hair and Irwin Cold Hat Costume) that were on the helm.


- Added Refine and Gift donate event until 05/19/23.


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