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[ADM] Loki

Easter Event 2023

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Easter is a very important celebration around the world, and it's no different in the RockMMO universe. In this game, Easter will be celebrated through a special event that involves breaking eggs scattered throughout the game's maps.

To participate in the event, players must venture through the various cities in the game in search of eggs. When breaking them, a world boss will be summoned, and players must unite to defeat it and close the rift that was opened.

In addition to the excitement of facing a collective challenge, players who participate in the event will have the chance to receive valuable rewards. Those who contribute to the defeat of the world boss will receive +1 Easter Egg and +5 Divine Orbs as a guaranteed prize, extra, in addition to the traditional World Boss.

But the rewards don't stop there. There is also a 0.1% chance of receiving a special Easter outfit, which is sure to make players stand out in the game. And if they are even more lucky, they may receive an Easter egg-shaped hat, which is quite rare and coveted by players.

In summary, the Easter event in RockMMO promises to bring a lot of fun and challenges for players. Furthermore, the rewards offered are quite valuable and will certainly motivate many players to participate.

The egg will deliver a small gift to improve the look during the Easter event (Until 04/21/23).


- The New World Boss
2023-04-07 (2).png
Some know him as Domovoi, but this version is bigger than normal, so everyone calls him "Unknown Rabbit".
When the rift to access this World Boss is open, players will access its island. The place is known as the home of the "Unknown Rabbit", everyone can notice his dwelling in the forest of this island.
The "Unknown Rabbit" collects strange and some very dangerous easter eggs. Be careful with the eggs, some look harmless and pretty on the outside, but the inside is a big trap.
A few Lunatic are found on the island, but these are harmless.
Be careful with the traps planted by this World Boss, they can be fatal.
This World Boss is able to get stronger when eggs are spawned around the island, so eliminate all the eggs that appear. By becoming stronger he can generate traps and illusions. Illusions are identical copies that live as long as the eggs are active on the island. Facing this World Boss with all illusions active can be very dangerous.

* Rewards:
+5x Divine Orbs (Extra)
+1x Easter Egg


- Easter Egg exchange system
Talk to the NPC (Monty) at (prontera,168,181) and exchange the Easter Eggs for some nice costumes.

After receiving the event gift you can find eggs scattered across all city maps.

Everyone will be able to hunt the eggs that the rabbits have spread!



Rewards can be found inside the eggs:


Kinder Bueno










There can be up to 2 eggs per city map, with instant respawn.


- Cash Shop Costume Sweet Bunny Budy Box
A complete set Easter Special when opening the box. Set with animation and very beautiful!

2023-04-07 (3).png2023-04-07 (4).png

ID 1000000602 - Sweet Bunny Buddy Hat
ID 1000000603 - Sweet Bunny Buddy Backpack
ID 1000000604 - Sweet Bunny Buddy Candy

Event valid until 04/21/2023.

Happy Easter and good luck to all!

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