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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 03/10/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
Amurtart – ( Expanded Jobs Build ) Tier 05 - 

- Added new Special Enchants for the Amurtart item on the NPC (Jewbee) prontera,74,64:
* Enchant item Amurtat[1]
* First Enchantment (4th Slot)

Str+10, Agi+10, Vit+10, Int+10, Dex+10, Luk+10, SpecialStr, SpecialInt, SpecialDex, SpecialAgi, SpecialVit, SpecialLuk, Origin King.
* Second enchantment (3rd slot)
Str+10, Agi+10, Vit+10, Int+10, Dex+10, Luk+10, SpecialStr, SpecialInt, SpecialDex, SpecialAgi, SpecialVit, SpecialLuk, Overlord, Runaway Magic, Eagle's Eye , Hero, Liberation of Truth, Death drive.
* Third enchantment (Second Slot)
SpecialStr, SpecialInt, SpecialDex, SpecialAgi, SpecialVit, SpecialLuk, No Casting Interference, Fixed Cast Time -50%, Clairvoyance, Immortal Beneficiary.

- Added some updates to World Boss:
* Fixed Fafnir's Skill Comet with long activation after use by boss.
* Fixed movement of Zilant and Fafnir to avoid movement failures.
* Increased activation of map mechanics at tier 03+ on Fafnir.

- Updated Anti-Macro check system:
* Complete reformulation of the system, correcting the old problem that in rare cases the player was blocked when typing the captcha code.
* Added new NPC “Jailer of Prison” that will show in real time the remaining jail period.
* Added bail system to release player from prison. This payment must be made at the NPC Jailer of Prison by another player and cannot be made by the player who is in jail.
* The cost to get out of jail will be proportionally higher with the remaining jail time.
* Now when being sent to the savepoint and not completing the captcha within 30 seconds or entering the code incorrectly, the player will be alerted with an NPC message informing that he did not type correctly and how many errors he has until he is sent to jail.
* Jail time increases if the player is arrested more times.
* The system will announce whenever a player is released from jail.
* The system will reduce the count of incorrectly entered errors if the player always correctly enters the code within the time. Our system is only to warn and instruct the player to play correctly and fairly. It is not a system to punish.

- Updated the size of the Cursed Tree boss in the BeT event.

- Added new items for instance boss drop (YSF01 Seyren)
* YSF01_Greave_J
* YSF01_Plate_J
* YSF01_Manteau_J
* (New) YSF01 Ring -

- Updated the item (Elemental Sword ID 13414) to be equipped in Super Novice.

- Updated chat at the top of boards in @boards to show required quest level.

- Added the NPCs (Job Master, Vote Machine, Tool Dealer, ) on @boards.

- Updated new players save points to @boards automatically.

- Updated VP Machine with website voting link in main NPC message.

- Added NPC Kafra to @market (94.99).

- Fixed BUG with item (Shell Fragment ID 25315) with incorrect description.

- Fixed BUG with Kafra NPC not delivering Cart in Super Novice.

- Fixed BUG in the Core Mission instance to avoid failures when invoking the boss.

- Fixed description BUG with item (Shadow Thump Box ID 22529).

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