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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 01/13/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
End of the World ( Shadow Cross Build ) Tier 04 -

- Added new Daily Quests system: (The daily quest is a Rock Coin bonus for players, in addition to the conventional ways).
* A new button has been added to the in-game area next to the Cash Shop button.
* Players will be able to observe, track and claim their Daily Quests rewards by opening a new Daily Quests menu.
* Players will be able to obtain Rock Coin by completing daily quests.
* Daily Quests are daily game goals with specific tasks.

- Added new autopatcher:
* The new autopatcher has been made available in a new Setup for download on the website.
* For players using the old setup version, you can download the new version using the old autopatcher. One last update will be shipped in the old autopatcher with the new version upload.
* The old autopatcher will be deprecated. This new version has been completely rebuilt to avoid problems that many players were having (False Positive) with antivirus and windows defender.

- Added new anti afk check system in Mini DS event. If the player is detected as afk in the Mini DS event, he will be automatically removed from the event.

- Updated the cost of the item Distortion Necklace in Rock Coin to tier 03.

- Updated the no-AFK system to identify in cases where the player receives a debuff and cannot move, ignoring that he is now AFK.

- Updated damage reduction for Ultra Limacina monster.

- Updated the enchant cost in the enchant UI for Thanos Helm LT items from 50 to 10 Enchant Tickets.

- Updated the enchant cost in the enchant UI for Hero Boots LT items from 30 to 15 Enchant Tickets.

- Updated download links on website and discord with new autopatcher:

- Fixed BUG with the item (Illusion Military Boots 470036) that had the incorrect boss damage bonus.

- Fixed BUG with the item (Crown of Phoenix 19343) that had an incorrect Overbrand bonus.

- Fixed BUG with item drop (25778 Brilliant Jelly) that was incorrect.

- Fixed BUG with the item (Shadow Booster) that had the wrong name in the Genie quest.

- Fixed BUG with the item (Heroic Judgment Shawl 15095) that was not increasing the chance of autospell by refining correctly.

- Fixed BUG with the item (Bloody Branch) to avoid possible failures of not summoning the boss.



- Added refine event and gift donate until 01/20/23.


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