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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 01/06/23

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- Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
Distortion Necklace (Expanded Build) Tier 04 -

- Added new item in Mission Quest Tier (@shop):
*Diabolus Wing (Generic Build) Tier 02 -
*Quest Mission Tier 02 Diabolus Wing (19495):
*200x Red Feather (7440) 
*200x Peco Wing Feather (7101) 
*2x Diabolus Ring (2729) 
*1x Diabolus Manteau (2537) 

- New login-screen background has been added.

- The Wakanda set has been removed from the Cash Shop.

- The Xmas World Boss event is over, but we will keep the decorations tree available until 01/13/23, to help all those who still haven't managed to deliver all the decorations and receive the 2022 Xmas Costume set.

- Fixed BUG with description of enchant items (Glacier Flower Spell(Magical Grade) and Glacier Flower Spell(Physical Grade)).

- Fixed BUG with the item (Bakonawa_Tattoo) that was duplicated in the NPC Golden Coin Equipments in @shop.


* In the maintenance on 01/13/23 we will provide a new autopatcher through an update using the old autopatcher. A new setup will be created on our website for download with the new autopatcher. This new autopatcher will solve the problem with false positive detected by some antiviruses. In addition, we will create a new look with the theme of ep 19.
* Due to suggestions from several players, we will add an anti-afk system to the Mini DS event in the maintenance on 01/13/22. From the moment this system is active, players who are afk inside the mini DS will be expelled from the event and will not be entitled to the final rewards.

* We will have a new Quests System next week, stay tuned.

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