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[ADM] Loki

New Year Event 2022

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A new year is coming!! Nothing better than starting a new year with success and prosperity.

The legend says that the firebird will bless you, but for that you need to finish the annual tradition rite and then your year will be prosperous.
Perform the ritual to worship the phoenix and you will be rewarded for your act.

Look for the NPC [Sir Kiyom] at Prontera 165,179.

You will receive some fireworks and be directed to talk to NPC [ Historian ] yuno,194,363.

When talking to Historian, he will inform you about the ritual and ask for some materials. You must get the materials to perform the ritual for the phoenix to be venerated.

After completing the ritual, a rift will appear, a reward will be emanated from this fiery rift, if the ritual is completed.

Players will receive a wonderful "Costume Wing of Phoenix Stilpnia" ID 1000000439. This costume cannot be traded between players and cannot be obtained in any other way than this event. Feel the power of Phoenix Stilpnia with its shine and power!!



The RockRagnarok team wishes everyone a happy new year and a prosperous year for everyone! Thank you all for your support and playing
here at Rock!!

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