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[ADM] Loki

Christmas Event 2022

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Christmas Event 2022 ! The event has returned and with it the unique Christmas costumes of the time!

pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg Exclusive World Boss pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg


Gifts from all Prontera residents were stolen this year. A False Santa Claus has appeared and is saying that Christmas is over. Santa Claus is summoning strong warriors to help recover the stolen gifts.

~ Talk to Santa Claus at (Prontera 168,180) for more information.

~ This World Boss is independent of the ordinary World Boss and does not interfere with the functioning or counting monsters of the ordinary World Boss.
~ World Boss Xmas can be eliminated every 6 hours. After World Boss is killed, a 6-hour global cd will be activated.
~ When this World Boss is enabled, a count of monsters to be killed will appear. These monsters are special and will appear in Toy Factory 01 and 02. (xmas_dun01 and xmas_dun02). When the count reaches 0 (zero), it will activate World Boss.
~ This World Boss does not have a time limit to be killed. As long as the World Boss is alive, the arena will be open.
~ The amount of extra Divine Orbs and in addition the player will receive a Xmas Coin and Decoration Christmas Tree.
~ Re-entry to the arena will be permitted as long as the World Boss is alive. If World Boss dies, reentry will be closed.
~ This World Boss has a medium level of difficulty and was designed for a minimum amount of at least 5 medium level players to finish.
~ The entry for this World Boss will be close to the entry of the normal World Boss on @wb.faixanatal.png.4e9f1e40eb230b696eef5d17b21a782d.png

pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg Free Temporary Exclusive Costume pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg
~ When talking to Santa Claus for the first time in (Prontera 168,180) the player will receive a Christmas Theme Costume.

screenRock Beta054.jpg

screenRock Beta129.jpg


pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg A thematic map pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg

Snow falls on Prontera and Celestiaj.


pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg A Xmas Coin Costumes pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg

NPC Santa Claus is collecting some Xmas Coin that was stolen by False Claus.
Santa Claus will exchange Xmas Coin for some themed Costumes.
screenRock Beta056.jpg

* Xmas Coin are obtained through the Christmas World Boss.


pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg Lutie grand Christmas tree pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg

screenRock Beta053.jpg

Lutie big Christmas tree in town needs decorations. Everyone needs to help decorate the big Christmas tree. Christmas tree decorations can be obtained through Staff events, through the participation box and through the Christmas World Boss.

There are themed Costume rewards that will be awarded as decoration goals are achieved.

There are 2 types of goals, global goals and individual goals.

Global Goal: The entire server must reach levels of decorations for the rewards to be released.
Individual goal: After the global goal is reached, each player must reach their individual goal to receive the reward.

2022-12-08 (1).png

Global Individual Reward
Goal 01 Goal 01  
200 20 Costume Nature Noel Scarf (Mid)
Goal 02 Goal 02  
600 40 Costume Nature Noel Cap (Top)
Goal 03 Goal 03  
1000 60 Costume Nature Noel Cane (Garment)

* To decorate or receive the reward, just go to Lutie's Christmas tree. (@go 7)
* The global and individual goal values may vary between servers.


pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg Recovering the stolen gift pngtree-christmas-tree-decoration-ball-png-image_2063061.jpg

When searching for Rudolf Brando in xmas_dun01 and xmas_dun02 maps, Myst Case may appear, which were stolen by Rudolf. Inside the gift may contain themed costume and decorations. Good luck on your hunt!

screenRock Beta058.jpg


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