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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 11/18/22

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- Added new item in Instance Warrior:
Beast Area Shoes (Inquisitor Build) Tier 4 -

- Added new Attendance with a new animated costume.

- Updated enchant items ( Gray_Charcoal_Range, Gray_Charcoal_Magic, Gray_Charcoal_Melee) to be able to apply enchants to Thanos-AD weapons.

- Changed the Emperium Testers room map. This will avoid conflicts with the KoE event with double emperium.

- Increased the chance of capturing some pets.

- Fixed BUG when accessing the nameless_in map generating crash spr.

- Fixed BUG with the monster (Manhole) that had the wrong race and element.

*From the next patch notes we will have updates on how to get the IP. New ways to get IP different from ifast, making getting IP different from the current model and even more fun. We've collected a lot of player suggestions over time and are working hard to complete this by next week.


- Added Gift Donate Event and Refining Event until 11/25/22.


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