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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 11/11/22

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- Added new item in Instance Warrior:
Triangle Disaster (Shadow Chaser Build) Tier 3 -

- Added new Special Enchant Tier 02 for new items on NPC (Billu), prontera,61,63:
*Rotten Garden Knife (510031)
*Six Tao Three Strategies (540018)
*Antique Gattling Gun (830005)
*Book of Thoth (540057)
*Triangle Disaster (700069)
4th slot: Fire Endow (29690), Water Endow (29691), Wind Endow (29692), Ground Endow (29693), Holy Endow (29694), Shadow Endow (29695), Ghost Endow (29696), Poison Endow (29697)
3rd slot: Strong Blow 3 (29368), Amplify 3 (29447)
2nd slot: Flash (29587), Strong (29588), Celestial Bow (29589), Divine Power (29590), Rigid (29591), White Cloud (29592)

- Added 18 new Expanded NPC Stones (Awkening Stones) in @wb (celestiaj,166,144):
Job: Stone ID,...
*Oboro: 311915, 311916, 311917
*Kagerou: 311912, 311913, 311914
*Summoner: 311918, 311919, 311920
*Soul Reaper: 311466, 311467, 311468
*Star Emperor: 311460, 311461, 311462
*Rebellion: 311463, 311464, 311465

- Added item (Elemental Potion Creating Guide) in @market.

- Updated the item (Magma Essence) to apply enchants to equipment and removed the restriction of minimum 2 enchants to apply.

- Added NPC (Aver De Dosh) support for enchanting new expanded stones in costumes.

- The chance of obtaining a Pet Egg at the time of capture has been increased.

- Fixed WL_CHAINLIGHTNING skill not being affected by Wind_Insignia

- Fixed skill description (Temporary Communion) with incorrect cast time description.

- Fixed BUG with item (Battle Processor 410017) that must equip in Middle position.

- Fixed BUG with item description (Transformation Scroll(Golem)).


*We are currently developing new ways of obtaining IP, different from ifast, making the game more flexible and less dependent on ifast. In a few days we will inform you what will be changed and the date of change. Soon ifast will no longer be the main way to get IP.


*Episode 19.1 Isgard, Land Of Fairy Tales Coming to RockRagnarok! In December we will have the release of the episode! Expect the release date soon.


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