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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 09/16/22

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- Added new items in Instance Warrior (Event Special 2x. Week 1/4):
Striking Shoes ( Generic Build ) Tier 10 -
Rotten Garden Knife (Soul Reaper/Soul Ascetic Build) Tier 4 -

- Added new operation for Enchant Ticket by Instance Points (IP) in NPC Instance Warrior. Now when clicking on the Enchant Ticket players will open a selection menu. In the menu, the player will be able to choose which item they would like to enchant. In this model, players will be able to use a larger amount of Enchant Ticket ID 1000874, to obtain a guaranteed random enchant with a 100% chance of success.

- Added new Costume items rotation in Instance Warrior:
Costume Shadow Valkyrie Helm - ID 1000000309
Dark Fairy Wings Costume Lv1 (Evolution Costume) - ID 1000000407
Sparkling Shield Costume (Ultimate Costume) - ID 1000000313

* All costumes obtained by Instance Points (IP) are exclusive and obtained only through this mode. They cannot be obtained in any other way within the game.
* Costumes (Ultimate) are very rare Costumes and usually with special animation.
* Costumes by IP can be Costumes of evolution, that is, they can have visual improvement according to the level of the Costume. The higher the level, the more details or effects the Costume will have.
* Costumes entering by IP can be removed or rotated at any time. So whoever is interested, get it as soon as possible.

- Removed WoE pvp ranking count. The kill and death count now only occurs within PvP.

- Added new Evolution Costume NPC (Tinker Bell) in @shop:
Dark Fairy Wings Costume Lv1 -> Dark Fairy Wings Costume Lv2

- Added updates in World Boss:
Now in tier 03 and tier 04 players will get a new item called “Awkening Shard” through Treasure. This item will be used to create new items or upgrade equipment.

- Added new NPC (Awkening Stones) in @wb (celestiaj,165,144) for creating new stones jobs.

- New Expanded 4th (Soul Ascetic) has been added.
The Spirit Handler job will need some fixes and updates and will be released soon.

- Updated chance of capturing pets by item taming. The capture success chance value was low and has been increased.

- Added +2 second increase to boss respawn time in ifast.

- Updated the NPC (Aver De Dosh) in malangdo,154,135. Added support for new Class Stone III enchant.

- Updated some items from Prontera's Ninja shop that were not correct.

- Added laphine combination item to be able to add to cart for sale in merchant stores. For example, Shadow enchant items obtained from WB and others.

- Fixed BUG with enchant UI failing to be opened by NPC sometimes. Added check weight and message about weight. The system has been revised to avoid potential problems.

- Fixed BUG with the NPC (Mighty Hammer) that in some situations did not refine equipment when equipped with some costumes.

- Fixed BUG with Illusion Boots item not equipping in Rebellion and Night Watch.

- Fixed BUG with Pollux Ring item not working with Sky Emperor.


- Added Gift Donate Event and Refining Event until 09/23/22.



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