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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 08/05/22

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- Added new item in Instance Warrior:
Dreaming Red Sheep (Ranger/Windhawk Build) Tier 05 -

- New costumes added at @ppoint shop.

- Fixed BUG with Lapine Enchant items from ep 17.2 not enchanting weapons.

- Fixed BUG with item (Celine Kimi Card) not charging effect on target.

- Fixed BUG with skill combo (Climax Bloom and Deadly Projection) that were removing undue debuffs from monsters.

- Re-added the use of skills (Climax + All Bloom, Deadly Projection ) in ifast.

- Fixed targe summons from Biolo, Elemental Master, Meister and others that were getting in the way of monster attacks. 
(Update required by autopatcher. Will be mandatory to play)

- Fixes ABR / Biolo Summon skill conditions.

- Fixed BUG combo item (Heart Card in Mouth + Gambler Seal) not adding resistance to Critical Slash.

- Fixed lapine enchant for Poenitentia weapons from expanded jobs.

- Important update was sent by autopatcher. 
You will need to update via autopatcher to play. 
A new, updated link setup was made available on the website for download, in case the player has any problems with the autopatcher.

***Future maintenance notes:
Hello guys! We will update RK/DK's Dragon Breath skills will be updated as official on 08/12/22. The skill must ignore any multiplier other than long range % and must ignore defense. 
Oi guys! Nós faremos uma atualização nas skills Dragon Breath de RK/DK será atualizada conforme oficial no dia 12/08/22. A skill deve ignorar qualquer outro multiplicador que não seja long range % e deverá ignorar a defesa. 
¡Hola chicos! Actualizaremos las habilidades Dragon Breath de RK/DK que se actualizarán oficialmente el 12/08/22. La habilidad debe ignorar cualquier multiplicador que no sea el % de largo alcance y debe ignorar la defensa.

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