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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 05/13/22

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- Added new item in Instance Warrior:
Eyes Of Illusion ( Biolo/Genetic Build ) Tier 03 -

- Added access to the Constellation Tower instance via the @instance command.

- Added difficulty levels for the Constellation Tower instance increasing the drop rate. Level can be chosen when generating the instance.

- Added support for accessing instance constellation tower by NPC Warp Agent.

- Added new instance Constellation Tower 1.0.
New monsters, Boss and super mechanics are found in this instance. This is an instance with a minimum entry level of 240, so it's a recommended instance for high-class players.
Basically it looks like the old Endless tower, but now the monsters are stronger with each floor and there are 2 types of boss, floor 25 or floor 50. The Boss of floor 50 can be faced and players can make investments in the source, making the Stronger boss with better rewards. If the player gets a lot of Meteorite Power, he can talk to Oscar when entering the instance to jump floors and get to the final boss faster. The longer the floor, the more fragments will be needed.
Access with a well equipped party, with supports, good DPS and tanks.
Soon we will add the instance to the Instance Points system with good IP value.

- Added Sealed Album by VP in VP Machine.

- Removed the Endless Tower instance.


- Added Gift Donate Event and Refining Event until 05/20/22.




- Adicionado Evento Gift Donate e Evento de Refino até o dia 20/05/22.


- Adicionado novo item no Instance Warrior: 
Eyes Of Illusion ( Biolo/Genetic Build ) Tier 03 -

- Adicionado acesso para a instance Constellation Tower através do comando @instance.

- Adicionado níveis de dificuldade para a instance Constellation Tower aumentando a taxa de drop. Nível poderá ser escolhido ao gerar a instance.

- Adicionado suporte para acesso a instance constellation tower pelo NPC Warp Agent.

- Adicionado nova instance Constellation Tower 1.0.
Novos monstros, Boss e super mecânicas são encontradas nesta instância. Essa é uma instância com nível mínimo de entrada de 240, então é uma instância recomendada para jogadores fim de classe.
Basicamente parece com a antiga Endless tower, mas agora os monstros estão mais fortes a cada andar e existem 2 tipos de boss, andar 25 ou andar 50. O Boss do andar 50 poderá ser enfrentado e os jogadores poderão realizar investimentos na fonte, tornando o Boss mais forte e com melhores recompensas. Caso o jogador obtenha muitos Meteorite Power, poderá falar com o Oscar ao entrar na instance para pular andares e chegar até o boss final de forma mais rápida. Quanto mais longo o andar, mais fragmentos serão necessários.
Acessem com uma party bem equipada, com suportes, bons DPS e tankers.
Em breve adicionaremos a instance ao sistema de Instance Points com bom valor de IP.

- Adicionado o Sealed Album por VP no VP Machine.

- Removido a instance Endless Tower.

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