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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 04/29/22

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- Added new item in Instance Warrior:
Tattoo Brush (Generic Build) Tier 01 -

- Added new drop item (Bijou Hat) from MvP Bijou.

- Added new item (Scroll Stole) by Quests Mission Tier 02:
Golden Coin (6797) x250
Worn Out Scroll (618) x100
Blank Scroll (7433) x50
Fabric (1059) x200
Worn out Magic Scroll (7099) x100

- Added the items (Helm ScrollI, Weapon ScrollI, Armor ScrollI, Helm ScrollI, Accessory ScrollI). These items can be obtained through loot drop when using the item (Scroll Stole). These scrolls will be obtained from drops of some instance bosses. These items will be used to apply enchants to some equipment. Learn more:

- Added new attendance dailies. New custom has been added for collection upon completing attendance.

- Added new item (Sealed Enchant Ticket). This item can be used to increase the chance of success of enchants on NPC Jeeky, for Mad Bunny-LT, Hero's Boots, Thanos Helmet and other equipment. This item can be obtained from @shop on NPC (Princess) for PvE Coin.

- Removed the minimum requirement of 2 enchants to use the Magma Essence item.

- Fixed item combo BUG with items (Kiri no Tsuyu-LT and Surudoi Kaze) that had incorrect ATK % calculation.

- Fixed possible BUG on NPC Jeeky that was removing the equipment grade when adding the enchant.


- Adicionado novo item no Instance Warrior: 
Tatoo Brush ( Generic Build ) Tier 01 -

- Adicionado novo item drop (Bijou Hat) do MvP Bijou.

- Adicionado novo item (Scroll Stole) por Quests Mission Tier 02:
Golden Coin (6797) x250 
Worn Out Scroll (618) x100 
Blank Scroll (7433) x50 
Fabric (1059) x200
Worn-out Magic Scroll (7099) x100

- Adicionado os itens (Helm ScrollI, Weapon ScrollI, Armor ScrollI, Helm ScrollI, Accessory ScrollI). Estes itens poderão ser obtidos através de loot drop ao usar o item (Scroll Stole). Estes pergaminhos serão obtidos de drop de alguns Boss de instances. Estes itens serão utilizados para aplicar enchants em alguns equipamentos. Saiba mais:

- Adicionado novo attendance dailies. Novo costume foi adicionado para coleta ao completar o attendance.

- Adicionado novo item (Sealed Enchant Ticket). Este item poderá ser utilizado para aumentar a chance de sucesso de enchants no NPC Jeeky, para os equipamentos Mad Bunny-LT, Hero's Boots, Thanos Helmet e outros. Este item poderá ser obtido no @shop no NPC (Princess) por PvE Coin.

- Removido o requisito mínimo de 2 enchants para uso do item Magma Essence.

- Corrigido item combo BUG com os itens (Kiri no Tsuyu-LT e Surudoi Kaze) que estava com o cálculo de ATK % incorreto.

- Corrigido possível BUG no NPC Jeeky que estava removendo o grade do equipamento ao adicionar o enchant.

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