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[ADM] Loki

Valentine's Day Event 2022

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A very handsome prince was turned into a frog by an evil witch, being a handsome prince at night and an ugly frog in the morning. It never made much difference to him until he found the girl of his dreams, making him want more than ever to break the spell that was cast on him, after all, he would never be able to conquer her being a wheel frog.


"Below is a guide created by our CM Haneko, good luck on this hunt s2!"

Oie genteeee
! Hi peopleeee! (

I’m CM Haneko and I’m here to guide you through the VALENTINE’S DAY Quest! 

The quest will be available in Friday, 02/11 in Edda and Jommun, and will last 15 days! 

So, let’s go! It’s begin with the NPC Prince, the frog located in Prontera (166, 181). 

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He’ll explain to you his sad history and you should decide to help him or not. When you get the quest, you should seek for the item LOVE ESSENCE (ID 1000000358) to complete some goals and exchange them for super *cute* costumes and stuffs! You can drop Love essence from the monsterUnknown Angel” located arround Prontera city  (prt_fild05, prt_fild08 and prt_fild06).  

*These monsters have instant respawn and there is 50 per map. The drop rate of the item Love Essence is 100%* 

The goals are divided in three parts, which one giving you one different costume, and you can get them choosing the optionCollect Gift”. You’ll receive gifts in order as they are displayed: First one 300, second 400 and last one costing 500 love essences. 

Love Essence is automatically delivered when talking to Price. Remembering that when delivering it will always be added to your goal.

The main goal of the quest is collecting all the three gifts to break the Prince’s Curse! 

First Costume Gift (Goal 300 Love Essence): 

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Second Costume Gift (Goal 700 Love Essence): 

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Descrição gerada automaticamente  

Third Costume Gift (Goal 1200 Love Essence): 

Interface gráfica do usuário

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*Ohhhhh Haneko! But I don’t want these costumes! What should I do¿¿¿¿” 

We have a solution for that! If you already finished the main goal or don’t want to get those costumes, you can exchange some Love Essence for cosumables stuffs, in theCollect Stuffsoption when you talk with the Prince. You will only be able to purchase 300 units in total during the event. Choose your stuff well.

Stuffs store (10 Love Essence each): 

Interface gráfica do usuário

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Don’t forget! You also can buy a suuuuuuuper special costume box in our CP store! (We choose them with love (‿♥)) 

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If you have more questions, you can sellect theEvent Guideoption on the NPC. If you still have some questions about the event, please contact me or anyone of the staff on discord! 

Let’s fall in love! ~(ω) 

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