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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 01/14/22

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- Added new items in Instance Warrior:
Vindictive Manteau (Shura/Inquisitor Build) Tier 03 -

- Added new Instance Geffen Night Arena:
The instance can be accessed through where (dali02,79,60).
New equipment Lv2, Weapons Lv5, monsters/boss, cards and enchants.
Wiki Guide:

- Added exclusive RockRagnarok system for viewing the best time of instance Geffen Night Arena on NPC board Warning. The best time to complete the instance on the server will also be announced by global message.

- Updated @cd command and added instance Geffen Night Arena.

- Added access to Instance Geffen Night Arena on NPC (Warp Agent).

- Fixed BUG with ifast for the Air Fortress instance boss that was not delivering instance points correctly on the Jormungand server.



- Added Gift Donate Event and Refining Event until 01/21/22.




- Adicionado Evento Gift Donate e Evento de Refino até o dia 01/21/22.



- Adicionado novos itens no Instance Warrior: 
Vindictive Manteau ( Shura/Inquisitor Build ) Tier 03 -

- Adicionado nova Instance Geffen Night Arena:
A instance poderá ser acessada através do where (dali02,79,60).
Novos equipamentos, armas, monstros, cartas e enchants.
Wiki Guide:

- Adicionado sistema exclusivo RockRagnarok para visualização do melhor tempo de instance Geffen Night Arena no NPC board Warning. Também será anunciado por mensagem global o melhor tempo de conclusão da instance no servidor.

- Atualizado o comando @cd e adicionado a instance Geffen Night Arena.

- Adicionado acesso a Instance Geffen Night Arena no NPC (Warp Agent).

- Corrigido BUG com ifast para o boss da instance Air Fortress que não estava entregando instance points corretamente no servidor Jormungand.

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