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[ADM] Loki

New Instance Fast Mode System

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New Instance Fast Mode System

The instance fast system is a new system that we are developing where players will be able to obtain the same instance token points in a faster and less tiring way.

The system gives access directly to the boss of the instances, without the need to access NPC speeches, monster mechanics and others.

Players will access the mode via @instance or a specific hotspot that we'll announce in the notes patch.

It will not affect the official instance CD in normal mode (history). Mode fast will have a separate, independent CD. The player can do fast mode and normal mode. Except the Instance Warrior CD for the Instance Token.

The announced release date would be for 10/01/21. We will need to do some more testing on the system before launching, so we will change the date to 10/08/21, which will be the release on Edda and Jormungand servers.

Until release day, 10/8/21, items will be kept at current Instance Token costs. When Instance Fast Mode is launched, the Instance Token cost of items will be increased on servers. Players will have until 10/08/21 to purchase at current prices.

Remembering that the Instance Mode system may undergo any change, if necessary.



O sistema de instance fast é um sistema novo que estamos desenvolvendo onde os jogadores poderão obter os mesmos pontos de instance token de forma agilizada e menos cansativa.

O sistema da o acesso diretamente ao boss das instances, sem a necessidade de acessar falas de NPCs, mecânicas de monstros e outros.

Os jogadores acessarão o mode pelo @instance ou por um ponto de acesso específico que anunciaremos no patch notes. 

Não afetará o CD oficial da instance no mode normal (história). O mode fast terá um CD separado e independente. O jogador poderá fazer o modo fast e o mode normal. Exceto o CD do Instance Warrior para o Instance Token.

A data de lançamento anunciada seria para o dia 01/10/21. Nós precisaremos realizar mais alguns testes no sistema antes de lançar, então alteraremos a data para o dia 08/10/21, que será o lançamento nos servidores Edda e Jormungand.

Até o dia do lançamento, 08/10/21, os itens serão mantidos nos custos de Instance Token atuais. Quando o Instance Fast Mode for lançado, o custo em Instance Token dos itens serão aumentados nos servidores. Os jogadores terão até o dia 08/10/21 para adquirir nos preços atuais.

Lembrando que o sistema de Instance Mode poderá sofrer qualquer alteração, caso necessário.

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So, item price will be increased while instance point number per day stays the same? Why is it better? 

It looks even worse.

Guys who had no time to do all instances (lets say they did 50% per day) now will do all (100%) instances, but price is twice higher and in result they will get no benefit at all. They will need spend same time as before (in days) to get same item. 

But guys who did all 100% instances per day will now be punished. They will not get more tokens per day but prices will be twice higher.

And another even more more worse thing is for donaters. As donation price for token stays the same they will pay a lot more real money for items.



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