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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I am currently implementing a system to reduce the influx of random complaints from every player in Edda server. Council of Players aims to gather a much more efficient data collection and feedback from the server by having a guild representative collect all complaints, bug reports, and suggestions found by their guildmates then consolidating it on a single file before passing it to a staff to be reviewed together with other guild representatives. It's a group formed by a guild representative (preferably guild masters and an English speaker) from each registered* guild and representative/s from Edda Staff. To be a part of this, one guild representative should reply on this thread in this format: Guild Name: Guild Representative: Discord ID: After doing so, add me on Discord (Axis #9094). I will only entertain friend requests of the guild representative registered via this thread. I need this in order to add you on the group chat, Council of Players. The group chat would also be used as a meeting ground for every guild regarding future updates and contents. Thank you and hoping for everyone's cooperation. *Introduce your guild here: I would only get participants from guilds with 5 or more members (minimum number of members to register a guild for guild pack) List of guilds included: - Neo Blood Moon - Kedai Mamak - Affair - ImmortalSmoke
  2. amigos

    Bom, eu e meu irmão viemos de outro servidor de ragnarok. estamos iniciando no RockRagnarok [ Edda ] a pouco tempo, e estamos gostando do servidor. Meu Foco por enquanto é farmar. Decidimos criar uma guild, e cá estamos nós :D Guild: ForFriends Estamos Recrutando. By: Seccond Enemy
  3. Hello, Jormungand Community! I'm Kath, a main RG and i recently joined Ragnarock with my Guild Panty Raid We're a Latin American Guild, we mostly do PvM, but we also like to WoE and just have fun learning everything the server has to offer. Our main Language is Spanish but we all speak English as well We're always looking for more members or just friends to hang out with! We don't bite (Beware of MeiMei, she does) See you all in-game! We're currently at @go 7 if you wanna come by and say hello ! Also, we love the fact you got a Peepo Panties, we feel just like home here
  4. Guild: Neo Blood Moon Origin: Philippines Guild Master: Axis Guild Members: - Gio - Skull - Mars - Jay - Sesaline - Melly - Tsuki We are a PH guild but also open on recruiting members from different nationalities. We are from numerous pre-Renewal servers. The guild pioneers on RagnaRock Edda server are Axis and Avant. We started playing last December 2019.
  5. Hi everyone, i'm Astolfo Chan the new player of Edda i will be the leader of the Great World guild, we will be focus on farm gears, mvps and of course a beautiful castle to be your home, i want new members for make a glorious path to the top ranking. thanks to everyone Cyaaa ç-ç
  6. Dear server members, I'd like to present to you; Unity! the new guild on the server. It is runned by me (Jan) and JackVonRO and we started the guild to help all players and have a nice group to hang out with! Our guild focusses on just being togheter and helping eachoter out. Currently we have 5 different members (multiple accounts for each member) but we would like to see it grow ofcourse! In the future we might attend to WoE but for now we are to small to attend it.. If you got intrested in joining please contact me on discord or ingame; Ridder Jan / Jan Jaap Schildknaap! Kisses~