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  1. Server: Edda Lang: English Char Name: Kaldr / Alto / Alt Discord ID: Kaldr#5819 Age: 28 Hello Everyone, I would like to apply to help with the server in anyway that I can. I am unsure of what positions you are looking to fill but I will post a bit about me. I have my Associates in Computer Information Systems and am currently working on obtaining my Bachelor's with a minor in Software Programming. I have 1 year of experience using Python (Kivi, Matplotlib, Pandas) & Javascript (React). I've also done a little web development for my coursework with HTML/CSS/SCSS as well as have approx 6mo with C++. I have my own local server (though it does not have 4th job classes) and have been practicing coding Equips/Consumables/Etc items. I am a quick learner (which is heightened when I have an interest in the topic I am learning). My RO journey began when I was around 11 years old. Let's be honest this game has something that most of the new video games are lacking. The class/card/equipment system are very unique and detailed. My favorite thing about RO is that it brings people together (from all over the world) and requires teamwork to accomplish goals. During my years playing RO I have served as an Event GM in the past as well as ran my own locally hosted server for me & my siblings to test builds and items. Although I do have a full time job and studies I always make time for RO. I hope that you'll consider me to join your team! Thank You, Kaldr