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  1. Hola CLFranci, disculpa la demora. Nosotros jugamos en Edda ūüėä. Estaremos encantados de darte la bienvenida.
  2. ¡Te acepté en Discord! Hablamos cuando puedas. Gracias por el interés.
  3. Hi there Eneru! Welcome back to RO! I'm also kinda newbie in the server but I can answer some of your questions to make things a bit easier for you: 1. Refines now are important because (almost every armor) every X refines gives you bonuses to one of your principal abilities. Getting the armor can be a little grindy, but worth it. Anyway, rates here are very high so you have a high chance getting what you need. 2. About currency... I only know that CP are also sold by zeny. You can also get CP just playing, but I think the items are not P2W. Everything is achievable. 3. There's a lot of new cards, but the only thing I could say here is that PvP is not really active here right now (I think they need to balance characters for pvp, since most characters can kill you from just one ability) so it's more like... focus in PVE. 4. So, for last I would just like to invite you to read this link here, and hope for the best! I hope you have fun!
  4. Hello, I also want to add my opinion as a newbie player in this server. PvM medals are confusing. I still don't know where to get them or what are they for. I only know I've got a bunch of them on a free gift, cause I also don't know about hunting missions, or other PvM missions (I didn't know where to get these quest when I came at first). The last time I've tried to get a hunting mission, it was either too hard or too easy. But I repeat, this is just how confusing it was (and still is, for me). So, my suggestion is to have some guides here in the forum, so people can know how the system works and use it to have some profit. Hope this little feedback helps.
  5. Hello? I'm Tori. I played RO back in the days where everything was very different. Now after 10 years I decided to try to come back, and make it work with my schedule. After looking for a few servers that could fit me I decided to try this one out. I hope to stay and meet you all!