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    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 03/31/23*:
      - Start time: From 08:00 (03/31/23) Server Time.
      - End Time: 11:00 (03/31/23) Server Time (Forecast) New Rock Coin Shop item, New Special Enchants, finally the fix for the problem with canceling the autobonus will be applied, bug fix and other important updates.

    • - Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
      Deus Ex Machina[3] – ( Hyper Novice/Soul Reaper/Acolyte Build ) Tier 04 - - Added Special Enchant for Little Garden item on NPC Kuro and NPC Billu.
      *Item: Little Garden - ID: 19437 Link:
      Enchant Slot 1
      Enchant Slot 2
      Keen1, sharp 1, fighting spirit 1, named bow 1, magic power 1, head 2, sharp 2, fighter 2, named bow 2, magic 2, high level, ASPD+1
      Enchant Slot 3 (Right to Left)
      DEF+18, MDEF+7, Flee+10, Hit+10, player resistance 5 - Updated item requirement of some mission tier 02 quests:
      * Royal Guard Necklace (Item Change)
      * Golden Fish in Mouth (Reduced amount of items)
      * Imperial Feather (Reduced amount of items)
      * Heart Wing Hairband (Reduced amount of items)
      * Judgment Shoes (Reduced amount of items) - Added green aura damage reduction on MvP Beelzebub. - Added new item (Special Twins Refinement Box ID 100700) for sale at NPC (Cat Salesman Nyarom) in @shop. - Removed the NPCs (Instructor Ur and Instructor Boya) from eden, the NPCs were unused at the moment. - The skill (Union of the Sun Moon and Stars) received a duration time customization from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. - Added Monster Race entrance NPC at @go 42. - Added message in the chat showing the points received when completing a mission boards in @boards. - Removed some NPCs from @go bg that were useless. - Updated the item (Safe to 7 Certificates) to be able to be traded between players. - Updated NPC Eve Natalia in @go eden:
      * Now the player can choose the Collect All option, all items available in inventory or equipped that are part of the list will be automatically exchanged for Safe Ticket 7 in just one click. A service fee of 100k zeny will be charged for each exchanged item.
      * Added a small fee of 50k zeny for manual gear changes. - Added to NPC (Boards Machine) access option to Race Cap Enchant in @boards. - Fixed BUG with the item (Ghost Whisper) that was not recognizing card slots and was not applying bonus weapon damage %. - Fixed BUG with the item (King Schmidt's Suit) that was not with unbreakable bonus. - Fixed BUG with the item (Vivatus Fides Two-handed Staff) that had an incorrect type reducing the ASPD when equipped. - Fixed BUG with enchant items (Star Cluster of Concentration) that were not increasing the attack correctly. - Fixed BUG with sprite error with costume effect fstone item. - Fixed BUG with the item (Super Power Shadow Weapon) that was not adding the Meltdown skill. - Fixed BUG with the Super Baby job that did not receive the Cart through kafra. - Added gepard support for accessing the game using some windows tablets such as microsoft surface.  
      - Added XP and DROP event +30% until 03/31/23.
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 03/24/23*:
      - Start time: From 07:00 (03/24/23) Server Time.
      - End Time: 10:00 (03/24/23) Server Time (Forecast) New Rock Coin Shop item, New Special Enchants, Event Drop/XP, bug fix and other important updates.
    • Hello - Bonjour je suis nouveau dans le forum bien que je le consulte depuis sans jamais interagir (surement a cause de mon mauvais anglais) anyway aujourd'hui je m'inscris et je suis ravi d'etre des votres vidalista

    • - Added new item in Rock Coin Shop (@shop):
      Evil’s Whisper – (Shadow Cross Build) Tier 05 - - Added Special Enchant for Evil's Whisper item on NPC Bob.
      Evil's Whisper
      1st enchantment
      SpecialStr, SpecialAgi, SpecialVit, SpecialInt, SpecialDex, SpecialLuk, MaxHP5, Perfect Evasion +5, Fixed Cast Time -50%, Can't Interfere, Def50% Ignore, Mdef50% Ignore
      2nd enchantment
      SpecialStr, SpecialAgi, SpecialVit, SpecialInt, SpecialDex, SpecialLuk, MaxHP5, Perfect Evasion +5, Fixed Cast Time -50%, Can't Intervene, Def50% Ignore, Mdef50% Ignore, Player Resistance 13
      3rd enchantment
      Str+5, Str+6, Str+7, Agi+5, Agi+6, Agi+7, Vit+5, Vit+6, Vit+7, Int+5, Int+6, Int+7, Dex+ 5 , Dex+6, Dex+7, Luk+5, Luk+6, Luk+7, MaxHP+15%, ExtraStr, ExtraAgi, ExtraVit, ExtraInt, ExtraDex, ExtraLuk, Ramped Magical Power, Eagle Glow, Overlord - Updated episode 17 quest requirements with episode 16. It will now no longer be necessary to complete episode 16.1 and 16.2 to start episode 17. The Episode 16 Ticket will still work to complete the requirements for all 16 quests. - Updated the monsters and map of the boards Level 181+:
      * Removed Illusion of Luanda map and added Illusion of Vampire.
      * Added new mobs in quests (Sweet Nightmare and Timeworn Zombie). - Players will now receive Board Points by completing boards in @boards. - Added Boards Machine on @boards (moc_para01,20,98). - Added Race Cap on @boards for purchase using boardpoints. - Reduced cost of some of the episode materials per vote in VP Machine. - Updated Mission Tier 01/02 items and reworked some quests.
      * Mission Items Updated:
      Scroll Stole: Changed items.
      Mad Bunny (All 3 versions): Updated items and sent to tier 03
      Angeling Sui: Updated items and changed to tier 02
      Ghostring Suit: Updated items and changed to tier 02
      Pororoca Shoes: Updated items
      Shoes of Pilgrim: Updated items
      Survival Shoes: Updated items
      Witch's Thunder Flame Wand: Updated Items
      Cat Ear Beret: Updated items
      Black Cat Ear Beret: Updated items
      Etran's Shirt: Updated items - Added special descriptive frame for costumes obtained through WorldBoss. - Fixed enchant The Hero applying in slot 3 and slot 2 of the Ameretat item. Enchant The Hero should only apply in slot 2 (middle). Players who applied in slot 3 position will have their bonus migrated to slot 2. If the player already has The Hero in slot 2 then we will add another enchant in slot 3. If the player who received this other enchant is not satisfied with the enchant we apply, then it can contact the staff to replace it with another allowed enchant, free of charge. - Updated Elemental Sword item to equip in Super Novice. - Fixed bug with item id 420076 description that was untitled. - Fixed bug with item description (Thanatos Hammer). - Fixed bug with item  (Assault Suit) not increasing all race damage. - Fixed bug with World Boss Crystals that might not appear in some cases. - Added refining event and gift donate until 03/24/23.
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