Staff Team

The Staff RockRagnarok group seeks to maintain order in the project, implement launch news, listen to players' opinions, correct problems (BUG's), hold events, give support to players among other things that involve the project.

ADM Team

Responsible for managing the project, making decisions, applying improvements and updates.

Members: [ADM]Loki

GM Team
Game Master

Responsible for support of players, holding of events. The Game Master is connected to everything that surrounds the game, has direct contact with administrators. (It has management commands and punishments. It does not have command to create items or monsters. The events are carried out with the permission of the administration).

Members: [GM]Ennno

CM Team
Community Master

Will be responsible for communicating and supporting players. Need to have time and be available ingame to welcome newbies and help resolve the doubts of all players. (You have no command other than a modified outfit. He is considered as an ordinary volunteer player).

Members: [CM]Sokk