1000x / 1000x / 500x Server Rates
Direction of Prayer Episode 18
+Difficulty +Drop Instances Mode
Loot for Everyone Exclusive Party Loot System

Welcome to RagnaRock Edda.

Welcome to RockRagnarok! Are you looking for a new private server to play? Ragnarok is considered one of the most reliable servers online nowadays, we are a high-rate server 1000x/1000x/500x and we never had and never will have a wipe. That means you can play whenever you want and if you decide to take a short or long break when you come back your items and account will be there for you!

Gift Vote Points

Upon reaching a total of 500 VP the player will receive a gift with 2000 CP, 5 Days of VIP Donate and 40 Divine Orbs. Vote Now!

MvP League

Have you thought about joining the League Hunting MvP RockRagnarok ?! Climb up your MvP Kills points and receive great prizes.

Ranking Vote Points

625 Points
Player Name Points
Solution 605
versace on the floor 595
BioloFlamel 595
ImMrLobaLoba 590
RadyX 580

Ranking MvP League

12,853 kills
Player Name Kills
Tqaz 12,486
Aoi Reiko 11,935
Creatus Est 11,084
lRadyXl 9,332
NaNo1 9,045

Ranking PvP

129 Points
Player Name Points
Pavel 100
Kosatka 87
eRkanoon 62
UseForRefine 46

WoE Guild Defense


News and Events

42,495Total Accounts
121,295Total Characters
2,045Total Guilds
1,348Peak Online
Kedai Mamak 6 Castles
Fakku 1 Castles
Next war will be starting in Bright Arbor castle.
be prepared with your clan mates to get the every castle..
Aug 20, 2022 11:00:00
Welcome to Rock Ragnarok
One of the most updated servers! =D
How to get Golden Coin?
Learn basic stuffs
Learn how to play as Ranger
Learn how to play as Warlock
Learn how to play as Guillotine Cross