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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 06/04/21

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- New item added in Instance Warrior:
* Phoenix Ring [1] - (Royal Guard|Imperial Guard Build) -

- Added the 4th Job (Imperial Guard).

- Result of the poll of the sixth 4th job:
Cardinal [214] Votes
Abyss Chaser [119] Votes
Meister [71] Votes

The 4th Job that won was Cardinal! This class will be available on 06/11/21 maintenance.
A new job will enter this week's vote: Inquisitor



- Added support for Job Imperial Guard evolution in Class Master.

- Now 4th Job AP will no longer be restarted when relog character.

- Review in GvG system:
* Improved anti-dual system for WoE, KoE, GvG events, Battleground.
* Players who try to bypass the security system will be banned without notice.

- Performed some necessary revisions in BG to balance the market and gameplay:
* Removed First Aid skill usage.
* Reset the cost of Safe10 to 3000 Badges.
* Adjustment in the cost of the NPC (BG Cards).
* All stores are now defaulted to Battleground Badge usage.
* Adjustment in NPC BG Stuff.
* Rebalancing the amount of Badges received in BG modes for market balance.
* Happy Hour has been adjusted from 100% to 50% Badges.
* AFK check time set from 30s to 10s.
* AFK autokick time reduced from 90s to 30s.
* Exchange Machine NPC has been discontinued.
* NPC BG Stuff changed to BG Utilities. Golden Coin migrated to this new NPC.
* Restructured exchange shop model to a more streamlined and efficient model, showing the item needed in the exchange.
* NPC (Limited Ancient Hero) has been removed, Bloody Scroll has been added to NPC (BG Weapon).
* Fixed VIP buffs for the Jormungand server on BG.

- Fixed bug loading of guild badges.

- Added the option to access the Miner's Shop even without being an amateur, this will avoid problems if the person sells the pickaxe by mistake.

- Fixed BUG with item (Kardui Ears) not combo bonus with Fallen Bishop Card or Runaway Magic Stone correctly.

- Fixed crash in Job Class NPC message in global.

- Fixed BUG with the skill (Crescive Bolt) that was not recovering AP.

- Fixed BUG in item description (Magician Shadow Pendant).

- Fixed sprite error for item (Custom Black Bear Back and Costume Capoo Bag) for 4th job.

- Fixed issue of missing items by Zeny on NPC (Cat Salesman), now the NPC will have permanent stock also for Zeny.

- Fixed issues with the item combo (Hasty Shadow Armor and Shoes).

- Fixed BUG with item (Jasper Ring) that recovered incorrect SP value.

- Added new Special Box Costumes from very rare annual event in the Cash Shop. (Available only during the month of June).
2021-06-04 (2).png2021-06-04 (3).png2021-06-04 (4).png



- Novo item adicionado no Instance Warrior:
* Phoenix Ring [1] - (Royal Guard|Imperial Guard Build) -

- Adicionada a 4th Job (Imperial Guard).

- Resultado da enquete da sexta 4th job:
Cardinal [214] Votos
Abyss Chaser [119] Votos
Meister [71] Votos

O 4th Job que venceu foi Cardinal! Esta classe estará disponível na manutenção do dia 11/06/21.
Um novo job entrará na votação desta semana: Inquisitor



- Adicionado suporte para a evolução do Job Imperial Guard no Class Master.

- Agora o AP das 4th Job não será mais reiniciado quando relog character.

- Revisão em sistema de GvG:
* Aprimorado sistema de anti-dual para WoE, KoE, GvG eventos, Battleground.
* Jogadores que tentarem burlar o sistema de segurança serão banidos sem aviso prévio.

- Realizadas algumas revisões necessárias na BG para balanceamento de mercado e jogabilidade:
* Removido o uso skill First Aid.
* Reajuste no custo do Safe10 para 3000 Badges.
* Reajuste no custo do NPC (BG Cards).
* Agora todas as lojas são padronizadas para uso do Battleground Badge.
* Ajuste em NPC BG Stuff.
* Rebalanceamento em quantidade de Badges recebidos nos modos BG para equilíbrio de mercado.
* Happy Hour foi ajustado de 100% para 50% de Badges.
* Tempo para verificação AFK ajustado de 30s para 10s.
* Tempo de autokick AFK reduzido de 90s para 30s.
* Exchange Machine NPC foi descontinuada.
* NPC BG Stuff alterado para BG Utilities. Golden Coin migrada para este novo NPC.
* Reestruturado modelo de loja de trocas para um modelo mais simplificado e eficiente, mostrando o item necessário na troca.
* NPC (Limited Ancient Hero) foi removido, Bloody Scroll foi adicionado no NPC (BG Weapon).
* Corrigido buffs VIP para o servidor Jormungand na BG.

- Corrigido BUG no carregamento de emblemas de guild.

- Adicionado a opção de acesso ao Shop do miner mesmo sem sendo amador, isso evitará problemas caso a pessoa venda a picareta por engano.

- Corrigido BUG com o item (Kardui Ears) não estava o combo bonus com Fallen Bishop Card or Runaway Magic Stone corretamente.

- Corrigido falha na mensagem do Job Class NPC no global.

- Corrigido BUG com a skill (Crescive Bolt) que não estava recuperando AP.

- Corrigido BUG na descrição do item (Magician Shadow Pendant).

- Corrigido sprite erro para o item (Costume Black Bear Back e Costume Capoo Bag) para 4th job.

- Corrigido problemas de falta de item por Zeny no NPC (Cat Salesman), agora o NPC terá stock definitivo também para Zeny.

- Corrigido problemas com o combo item (Hasty Shadow Armor and Shoes).

- Corrigido BUG com o item (Jasper Ring) que recuperava valor incorreto de SP.

- Adicionados novos Box Costumes especiais de evento anual muito raro no Cash Shop. (Disponível apenas durante o mês de Junho).
2021-06-04 (2).png2021-06-04 (3).png2021-06-04 (4).png

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