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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 10/02/20

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- Added updates to the Instance Warrior System:
* Added difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, Extreme, Deadly.
* Difficulty modes increase loot and Instance Token as difficulty increases.
* Now it is not necessary to go to the NPC Instance Warrior to deliver the mission. The mission will be delivered automatically when completing the mission within the instance.
Attention: These values are in beta and may change.

- Added update to the monster counting system killed in the Mission Tier to prevent party counting failures.

- Added Magic Legendary Chest on @ppoint.
- Instance Bakonawa Lake received CD adjustment from 7 days to 23 hours.
- Instance Air Fortress received CD adjustment from 3 days to 23 hours.
- Instance bangungot received CD adjustment from 7 days to 23 hours.
- Zeny cost for Mission Tier 1 ~ 5 received a 90% reduction on the Jormungand server.
- Enchant for Patent Weapons is now on sale at NPC Cat Salesman Nyaron for 5m Zeny or Silvervine.
- Dimensional EVO was added to the Jormungand server. The investment and bonus period takes place on the 1st until the 20th of each month. The reset occurs on the 21st of each month.
- Fixed BUG when using lapine with Grace equipments.
- Fixed problem with second enchant of Grace items.




- Adicionado atualizações no Instance Warrior System:
* Adicionado os modos de dificuldades: Normal, Hard, Extreme, Deadly.
* Os modos de dificuldade aumentam o loot e Instance Token conforme aumenta a dificuldade.
* Agora não será necessário ir até o NPC Instance Warrior para entregar a missão. A missão será entrega automaticamente ao completar a missão dentro da instance.
Atenção: Estes valores estão como beta e poderá sofrer alterações.

- Adicionado atualização no sistema de contagem de monstros morto no Mission Tier para evitar falhas na contagem com party.

- Adicionado Magic Legendary Chest no @ppoint.
- Instance Bakonawa Lake recebeu ajuste de CD de 7 dias para 23 horas.
- Instance Air Fortress recebeu ajuste de CD de 3 dias para 23 horas.
- Instance bangungot recebeu ajuste de CD de 7 dias para 23 horas. 
- Custo de Zeny para Mission Tier 1~5 recebeu uma redução de 90% no servidor Jormungand.
- Enchant para Patent Weapons agora está a venda no NPC Cat Salesman Nyaron por 5m Zeny ou Silvervine.
- Dimensional EVO foi readicionado no servidor Jormungand. O investimento e período de bonus ocorrem nos dias 1 até 20 de cada mês. O reset ocorre no dia 21 de cada mês.
- Fixado BUG ao utilizar lapine com Grace equipments.
- Fixado problema com segundo enchant dos itens Grace.


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