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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 07/31/20

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- Fixed problems with Shadow Random Option Thump Box that failed to enchant some Shadow items.

- Fixed BUG with missing combos for the Consultative_Robe and Fictitious_Robe items.

- Fixed description of the patent trumpet shell item that was not visible.

- Fixed problem with skill points reset system in kafra.

- Fixed BUG with Candy Pouch Bag items. They were not equipping in some classes.

- Improved Prontera's Egg DPS damage system. Now after a few minutes respawn will occur to prevent them from being removed from their original positions.

- Fixed BUG of hide NPCs, sometimes when the hidden NPC could generate crash client on players. This affected events and instances. It has now been fixed.

- Review on Bloody Branch na rates for some low MvPs, including Boitata, Kraken, Thanatos and others.

- Updated Shadow item enchantment system and added new items to the Shadow Skills list.
- Fixed BUG with Guilhotine Stone II. The combo was not correct.

- Fixed BUG with Genetic Stone II. The combo was not correct.
- Added auto join system for chat #trade and #global. Upon restarting the system will be reactivated on the player. The player can deactivate on Kafra while online.

- Updated bonus of item Illusion_Immaterial_Sword that was with incorrect values.

- Fixed bonus with Egir_Ring item that was missing some bonuses.


- Fixado problemas com Shadow Random Option Thump Box que falhavam no enchant de alguns Shadow itens.

- Fixado BUG com os combos dos itens Consultative_Robe e Fictitious_Robe que estavam faltando.

- Corrigido descrição do item patent trumpet shell que não estava visível.

- Corrigido problema com sistema de reset de skill points na kafra.

- Corrigido BUG com itens Candy Pouch Bag. Não estavam equipando em algumas classes.

- Melhoria no sistema de Egg DPS damage de Prontera. Agora depois de alguns minutos ocorrerá respawn para evitar que sejam retirados das posições originais.

- Fixado BUG de NPCs hide, algumas vezes quando o NPC escondida poderia gerar crash client em jogadores. Isso afetava eventos e instances. Agora foi corrigido.

- Revisão em na rates do Bloody Branch para alguns MvPs que estavam baixas, dentre eles Boitata, Kraken, Thanatos e outros.

- Atualizado sistema de enchantment de Shadow itens e adicionados novos itens na lista de Shadow Skills.

- Corrigido BUG com Guilhotine Stone II. O combo não estavam corretos.

- Corrigido BUG com Genetic Stone II. O combo não estavam corretos.

- Adicionado sistema de auto join para chat #trade e #global. Ao relogar o sistema será reativado no jogador. O jogador poderá desativar na Kafra enquanto estiver online.

- Atualizado bonus do item Illusion_Immaterial_Sword que estava com valores incorretos.

- Corrigido bonus com item Egir_Ring que faltavam alguns bonus.

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