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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 03/20/20

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- Fixed BUG with FGH equips recycle system.


- Fixed BUG with description of some Shadow items.


- Fixed BUG with missing item description and combo bonus was missing.


- The Shadow Chaser Fatal Menace skill can now be used in instances. There was a block when the skill used teleport and now there is no such functionality as Improvement of the class.


- Added an increase in the HP of Prontera's Dummy. Greater DPS can now be observed.


- Added new Shadow items in World Boss and prices have been reduced this week.


- Gloom Under Night Pet added on Cash Shop.


- Readjusted the value of Costume Enchant Stone Box 12 from 200 to 20 Divine Orbs.


- Costume Enchant Stone Box 12 now follows the list of official stones. The effect visual stones no longer leave the Costume Stone Box 12 as official.


- Reduced the cost of the Costume Enchant Stone Box 12 at the Cash Shop from 2,900CP to 900CP.


- Added effect stones for Customs in the Cash Shop sold separately now.


- Effect stones can be obtained from Costume Enchant Stone Box 08, which can be obtained from Fishing by changing Costume.


- Update on the status and elements of Odin Past's monsters.


- Update on the status and elements of Einbroch Dungeon 03 monsters.


- Instance Infinity Space received a re-entry CD reduction from 3 days to 23 hours.


- Removed multi level limitation 175 from the Jormungand server.


- Added costume fixed cast time stone for sale on Shadow Stone NPC (WB).


- Instance Biotechnology Research Institute Now each player in the party will have the chance to click on the treasure at the end of the instance. There is no more chance that the treasure will not appear. The chance to obtain the weapons remains the same, but now each player in the party will have their chance.


- WB Rewards Adjustment, each player can receive rewards such as Old Album, Magic Album, Ygg, Bloody Scroll, XP, in addition to the standard Divines Orbs.


- Due to COVID19 worldwide, we will be expanding the refining / gift donate event for 1 week and adding the bonus XP + 50% event.



- Added XP + 50% event for one week.

- Expanded refining / gift donate event for a week, due to the global event of COVID19. So that players can have fun at home and enjoy the fun as much as possible.




- Adicionado evento de XP +50% por uma semana.


- Expandido evento de refino/gift donate por uma semana, devido ao acontecido mundial do COVID19. Para que os jogadores possam se divertir em casa e aproveitar o máximo possível da diversão.


- Corrigido BUG com sistema de recycle FGH equips.


- Corrigido BUG com descrição de alguns Shadow itens.


- Corrigido BUG com descrição faltando do item e combo bonus estava faltando.


- A skill de Shadow Chaser Fatal Menace agora poderá ser utilizada em instances. Existia um bloqueio quando a skill utilizava teleport e agora não existe mais essa funcionalidade conforme Improvement da classe.


- Adicionado aumento no HP dos Dummy de Prontera. Agora poderá ser observado DPS maiores.


- Adicionados novos Shadow itens no World Boss e os preços foram reduzidos esta semana.


- Gloom Under Night Pet adicionado no Cash Shop.


- Reajustado o valor da Costume Enchant Stone Box 12 de 200 para 20 Divine Orbs.


-  Costume Enchant Stone Box 12 agora segue a lista de pedras oficiais. As pedras de visuais de efeito não saem mais da Costume Stone Box 12 conforme oficial.


- Reduzido o custo do Costume Enchant Stone Box 12 no Cash Shop de 2.900CP para 900CP.


- Adicionado pedras de efeito para Costumes no Cash Shop vendidas de forma separada agora.


- As pedras de efeitos podem ser obtidas da Costume Enchant Stone Box 08, que podem ser obtidas no Fishing por troca de Costume.


- Update nos status e elementos dos monstros de Odin Past.


- Update nos status e elementos dos monstros de Einbroch Dungeon 03.


- Instance Infinity Space recebeu redução de CD de reentrada de 3 dias para 23 horas.


- Removido limitação multi level 175 do servidor Jormungand.


- Adicionada pedra de fixed cast time de costume por venda no Shadow Stone NPC (WB).


- Instance Biotechnology Research Institute agora cada jogador da party terá a chance de clicar no treasure  ao final da instance. Não existe mais chance de o treasure não aparecer. A chance de obter as armas continua a mesma, porém agora cada jogador da party terá a sua chance.


- Ajuste de recompensas do WB, cada jogador poderá receber recompensas como Old Album, Magic Album, Ygg, Bloody Scroll, XP, além das Divines Orbs padrão.


- Devido ao COVID19 em todo mundo, estaremos expandindo por 1 semana o evento de refino/gift donate e adicionando o evento bonus XP +50%.

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