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Improved Party Loot System

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Improved Party Loot System RockRagnarok


  • Introduction

The party loot system was created to make party gameplay more interesting. Although partyed, the loot is redistributed equally to autoloot, alootid or aloottype players. Another point will be the monster kill for all players in the party.


  • Difference between old and new system?


The old party system distributed the loot between the party or individual. The kill count was according to the player who killed.

Example: If a group of 5 people killed an MvP, the loot could be distributed to party players at random. MvP kill was delivered only to the player who did the most damage to the boss.


The new party system will distribute the loot according to each party player's autoloot, alootid or aloottype. If the player has autoloot turned off, they will not receive any loot. The kill count will be distributed evenly across the party. If a party player kills an MvP, all players will receive the kill, including ranking or quests.

Example: If a group of 5 people eliminates an MvP, the loot will be distributed according to each player's autoloot, alootid or aloottype individually and not randomly. The MvP kill or ordinary monster will be delivered to all 5 players in the party equally, even if a single player kills the monster alone. If the MvP is eliminated, all players in the party will receive the MvP League Ranking count.


Monster loot Loot received by each player
Poring Player 01 - @autoloot 100 Player 02 - @autoloot 100 Player 03 - @autoloot 50 Player 04 - autoloot off Player 05 - @alootid +909
Apple (10%) Apple (10%) Apple (10%) Apple (10%) - Jellopy (70%) - ID 909
Apple (1.5%) Apple (1.5%) Apple (1.5%) Apple (1.5%) - -
Unripe Apple (0.2%) Unripe Apple (0.2%) Unripe Apple (0.2%) Unripe Apple (0.2%) - -
Empty Bottle (15%) Empty Bottle (15%) Empty Bottle (15%) Empty Bottle (15%) - -
Jellopy (70%) Jellopy (70%) Jellopy (70%) - - -
Sticky Mucus (4%) Sticky Mucus (4%) Sticky Mucus (4%) Sticky Mucus (4%) - -
Knife [4] (1%) Knife [4] (1%) Knife [4] (1%) Knife [4] (1%) - -
Poring Card (0.01%) Poring Card (0.01%) Poring Card (0.01%) Poring Card (0.01%) - -
Drop bonuses or buffs may influence each player's individual drop chance increase. A player with a vip buff may have more drops than a non-buff player, even with the same autoloot.

* MvP card is the only loot that does not enter the system.

* Dual will not be allowed on this system.

* The system works only for people who are in the same field of view as the party, visible on the same screen.

This system may undergo adjustments and upgrades if necessary.



O sistema de party loot surgiu com o intuito de tornar a jogabilidade em party mais interessante. Embora esteja em party, o loot é redistribuído de forma igual aos jogadores de autoloot, alootid ou aloottype. Outro ponto será o kill do monstro para todos os jogadores da party.


Diferença entre antigo e novo sistema?


O antigo sistema de party distribuía o loot entre a party ou invividual. A contagem de kill era conforme o jogador que matasse. 

Exemplo: Se um grupo de 5 pessoas matassem um MvP, o loot poderia ser distribuído entre os jogadores da party de forma aleatória. O kill do MvP era entregue apenas ao jogador que gerou o maior dano ao boss.


O novo sistema de party irá distribuir o loot conforme o autoloot, alootid ou aloottype de cada jogador da party. Se o jogador estiver com autoloot desligado, não receberá nenhum loot. A contagem de kill será distribuída na party de forma igual. Se um jogador da party eliminar um MvP, todos os jogadores receberão o kill, inclusive contagem em ranking ou quests.

Exemplo: Se um grupo de 5 pessoas eliminarem um MvP, o loot será distribuído conforme o autoloot, alootid ou aloottype de cada jogador individualmente e não aleatório. O kill do MvP ou monstro comum será entregue a todos os 5 jogadores da party de forma igual, mesmo que um único jogador elimine sozinho o monstro. Caso o MvP seja eliminado, todos os jogadores da party receberão a contagem no Ranking MvP League. 


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