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[GM] Ennno

X-mas Event 2019

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X-mas Event (RNG Event)
Santa is totally crazy,
He isn't reading the letters, he's just giving out gifts!
The last time Santa was spotted was in ... uhm ... from Lutie to ... PRONTERA !!!
If you find him, guarantee you'll get a gift... because he won't read your letter!  
How the event will work:
 Hourly Santa will appear in Prontera, dropping some gifts on the floor.
TIP: It will be announced every 11 minutes of each hour the start. He will walk by Prontera in the central corridor. It will drop free rewards while walking. He must walk to leave rewards along the way. Click on it while walking to try to increase the chance of gift drop. When the item is dropped to the ground, collect quickly. If he moves again, the last unpaid gift will disappear from the floor.
(Items can be obtained only while it is moving. It moves every 1 hour for 4 minutes)

List of Items:
Costume name Costume ID Chance of obtaining
12132 Santa's Bag 12132 10%
19982 Costume Santa Hat 19982 4%
19697 Costume Rudolph Santa Hat 19697 3%
Costume Black Light Up Santa Hat 60274 0.1%
Costume Blue Light Up Santa Hat 60275 0.1%
Costume Green Light Up Santa Hat 60276 0.1%
Costume Light Up Santa Hat 60277 1%
Costume Yellow Light Up Santa Hat 60278 0.1%
12103Bloody Branch 12103 2%
6797Golden Coin 6797 5%
12710Guyak Pudding 12710 4%

Images of received items:




X-mas Event: Into the Christmas-Verse (RNG Event)
You must be asking yourself...
What is happening? Are there two noels?
Lutie travelers said in Prontera that there's a Noel talking about... uhm...
coming from another universe? using a weird gift bag?
He's yelling "who was a bad boy during the year will get a good gift"
How it will work:
- Hourly a weird Santa Claus will appear in Lutie, 10 times and in random places.
- Players when you find it should click on it and answer the question.

TIP: Antonio shows up every hour. It can be found 10x per hour. Once found 10 times, it will reappear after 1 hour. Ele sempre se esconde na cidade atrás de objetos ou de acessos ruins. Remember he's a fake Santa Claus and he's no fun at all. =P

List of Items:
Costume name Costume ID Chance of obtaining
19707Costume Polar Bear Cap 19707 12%
20119Costume Beanie 20119 12%
19989Costume Mouton Life 19989 12%
19851Costume Teddybear hat 19851 12%
Costume S Winter Scarf Striped 60288 4%
20224Costume Red Tailed Ribbon 20224 12%
1003Coal 1003 88%

Images of received items:






X-mas Event: Help Santa Claus! (Mission Quest Event)

Santa needs help!
come visit him in Luite (/navi xmas_in 100/96)

How will it work:
Noel will give you quests to collect some socks that can be exchanged for items.
He asks you to complete the quest 30 times to get the beautiful costume below, but you can make and gather 90x socks at once.
TIP: Look for 30 Fake Santa Claus on average and gather the socks and go to Santa Claus to receive your costume. He can be seen walking through the fields of the cities.


- The Staff wishes you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!
We also thank everyone who helped us during this year, such as Fever, Ganuuk, Karut, Effy, False, Fiatza, Maxim, Maximus, Sökk, Katia, Arcainia, Nyxis, A ngu S, Honey, Thrace, Uglier and others that are in our hearts.
A sincere and warm thanks to you! Att


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