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[CM] Sökk

Introduce yourself Event!

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Hello everyone,

It's exactly what you are thinking about..." is that our first forum event!?"


This event is for players to attend and get to know our new information house (which is not that new).

As you can see, we are moving most things here, and a good start is... introduce yourself, of course!

I look forward to your presentation!

You will earn an exclusive costume for just introducing yourself.

How to participate:

Minimal information needed:

  • What's your discord username?
  • What's the nickname from your main character?
  • Which class do you are used to play as?
  • Which server do you play?
  • What's your main language?

The reward is secret and it will be delivered by Rodex.

The deadline for this event is 11/28/2019. So, we will only consider posts until 11h59pm (GMT - 03:00 - Server Time) from 11/28/2019.

Thanks for your participation,

See you there!

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Added a deadline to this event.

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Hey, y'all!

How's going?

The "Introduce yourself" event is over

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event!

This event is very important to a new phase from our server and you guys totally nailed it!

Thanks again!

See you soon.

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